Virginia Beach Solstice Solar System

Solar System: CertainTeed Solstice

System warranty: Solstice Gold 25-year product and installation workmanship warranty

System size: 4.4kW (14 all-black CT 315HC11-04 modules)

Annual energy generation:  4,933 kWh 

Percentage of energy use offset: 99% 

Annual energy savings: $587

Installer: Southern Exposure Solar LLC (a CertainTeed Master Solar Installer) of Ashland, VA

How it happened: The homeowner was looking to save money on their utility bills by installing a highly-efficient solar system onto the asphalt shingle roof of their single family home in Virginia Beach. 

After interviewing multiple solar companies in the area for their project, they chose Southern Exposure Solar of Ashland, VA, a CertainTeed-credentialed Master Solar Installer, who completed the installation of a new CertainTeed Solstice solar system in only two days, and was able to provide a comprehensive, manufacturer-backed warranty on both the system and its installation workmanship. 

The Solstice system allowed the homeowner to achieve their solar goal of offsetting their electricity bill (apart from a $7 distribution charge to the utility), and lowered average utility usage from 417Kwh per month to 0Kwh per month. 

From the homeowner: “(Southern Exposure Solar) really know what they are doing. They were on time, courteous, and professional during every phase of the process. Additionally, they kept me informed of everything that was happening along the way, as well as what to expect next. The end result was just as promised, and the finished product looks great and works perfectly. Additionally, I am confident that should there ever be an issue, they will make it right. They are really good guys and the CertainTeed (warranty) gives me real peace of mind.”

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