Looking for the most efficient and affordable solar solution? Look no further than CertainTeed's Solstice® Solar Systems. With some of the highest efficiency panels on the market today, Solstice accelerates your return on investment, improving an already financially sound decision to go solar.

Features and Benefits

  • A wide range of options enable Solstice Solar Systems to be configured to best suit your needs:
    • Black or silver framed modules
    • Black or white backsheet
    • String or microinverters
  • High-efficiency, cutting-edge modules allow you to maximize your roof space
  • Mounting equipment has been specially selected to maintain the waterproof integrity of your roof
  • CertainTeed's most economical solar solution, facilitating maximum return on investment

Technical Information

For more technical information on Solstice Solar Systems' photovoltaic modules or inverters, please refer to Technical Data Sheets or contact a CertainTeed Credentialed Solar Installer in your area.


Installing a solar system correctly is essential to the safety, warranty and performance of the system. CertainTeed's Credentialed Solar Installers are selected to ensure the highest quality workmanship and we back that up with a 15-year workmanship warranty on the installation of your Solstice Solar System. There is not another solar provider with CertainTeed's pedigree and history which offers warranties on both the product and the professional installation of the system.

Warranty Details

You count on your solar system to generate electricity reliably for a long time - 25 years. How many solar companies do you know that have been in business for even half of that time? CertainTeed has been delivering high quality products to the building industry since 1904. We will be around to honor your warranty!

When purchasing a typical solar system, you may have warranties from several different providers (modules, racking, flashing, inverters). Simplify your life with one all-encompassing warranty from CertainTeed - the most reliable company in solar. And if you have a CertainTeed roof, even better! All products and workmanship on your roof can be covered by a single company removing the risk of warranty issues caused by the alteration of your roof during the solar installation.

It is important that you take the time to understand how CertainTeed protects your purchase by standing behind our products and the professional installation of those products by our Credentialed Solar Installers.


Warranty   Coverage (years)
Installation Workmanship   15
Solstice Solar Systems Modules Power Output Guarantee   25
Inverters  Up to 25
Other Components 10


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