One-of-a-Kind Stone Veneer Siding

Grab More Squares and Grow Your Business

Stone is one of the fastest growing exterior cladding styles. Catch up to demand with  STONEfaçade, an innovative panelized system that any siding contractor can install without special equipment or masonry skills.





Expand your earning portenial. Sell up to stone veneer. 


Installs 6x Faster

Remarkable time, material, and labor cost savings.
  • Less drilling. Continuous fastening flange allows you to simply screw each stone veneer panel in place.
  • Mortar-less install. No messy mortar or masonry skills are required.
  • Every handcrafted stone veneer panel is unique. Cover 110 square feet without a repeating pattern!

Excellent Performance, Superior Design.

Continuous fastening flange.

Each panel has a continuous fastening flange that allows you to simply screw it in place. Cuts down on drilling. Saves time.

Beveled perimeter.

Improves overall fit and finish for an uninterrupted appearance along the length of the wall.

Mortar-less install. No mess.

Building walls with individual stones and mortar is messy, time 

consuming, and requires skill and experience. With STONEfaçade, no mortar, complicated training or mason skills are
required - just some standard tools and basic construction skills. And it can be installed year round.

Fully-integrated rainscreen.

3/8" steel insert embedded into panel allows top-to-bottom drainage to protect walls from moisture build-up.


Because STONEfaçade is handcrafted, every panel is unique. It can cover 110 square feet without repeating pattern. That's the largest in the industry.

Easy does it.

Three pre-mixed panel widths = speed and ease of installation. Offers remarkable time, material, and labor cost savings while delivering a beautiful, authentic-looking natural stone appearance.




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