CertaWrap™ Premium Weather Resistant Barrier:

Before the siding goes on, weather protection needs to be built in. CertaWrap™ Weather Resistant Barrier provides an added layer of protection against air and moisture damage. It's part of the complete CertaWall Weather Deterrence System™ - an advantage worth building into every home. CertaWrap Performance: Optimal Water Vapor: Outstanding UV Performance Excellent Air Holdout Superior Water Holdout Competitive Advantages: Double-Strength Tear Resistance Superior Surfactant Resistance Slip Resistant Surface and Less Noise View information to the right for complete product details and benefits

CertaWrap™ Standard Housewrap:

CertaWrap Standard Housewrap is a coated poly woven fabric for use in housewrap applications. It controls airflow through the wall and protects against outside water from penetrating the exterior of a home. It’s engineered to resist water while allowing water vapor to pass through and is stabilized to resist degradation.  See CertaWrap Standard Spec Sheet to the right for specifications and details.

Technical Information

Ideal permeance rating of 11.7 Water penetration resistance of 865 cm UV resistance of 180 days Air penetration resistance of 2,500 Trapezoidal tear resistance of 30/33 lbs. Superior surfactant resistance Approved to be used as part of an air barrier system NAHB Green approved See complete technical specifications to the right.


CertaWrap with STUDFinder ™ First in Installation Innovation Industry professionals have come to rely on CertainTeed's STUDfinder Installation System. This innovative guide to accurate installation is an important value-added advantage of CertaWrap Weather Resistant Barrier. It aids in precise installation and helps protect against hidden dangers. Review our installation manual for complete details.

Warranty Details

CertainTeed: Peace of Mind.  CertaWrap™ Products (Premium Weather Resistant Barrier and Standard Housewrap) carry a Limited Warranty on material, offering protection to the homeowner.  CertaWrap Premium Weather Resistant Barrier carries a Lifetime Limited warranty and CertaWrap Standard carries a 10-year Limited Warranty. These warranties are transferrable to the first subsequent homeowner.  Be sure to read the warranty for specific warranty conditions.

Sustainability Information

Protecting homes and the environment CertainTeed is committed to creating products that help make homes more beautiful, comfortable and energy efficient. We're also committed to manufacturing processes that contribute to environmental sustainability. With CertaWrap Weather Resistant Barrier we fulfill our promise in both areas. CertaWrap contributes to energy efficiency and help professionals earn credits for LEED and NAHB National Green Building Standards.

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