CertaTape™ Used to seal seams and edges on window flanges, corners, joints, rips, punctures and tears. With a high-strength coated polypropylene film, CertaTape won't break down over time, so you can be sure of dependable performance over the long term. CertaTape helps you improve the integrity of the building's envelope by reducing air and moisture penetration.


For maximum effectiveness, it's critical to finish your CertaWrap installation with tight sealing methods. CertaWrap accessories offer everything needed to get the job done right. Use them to seal window and door openings, cracks, seams, and penetrations prior to applying exterior cladding. See complete installation manual to the right.

Warranty Details

CertainTeed: Peace of Mind For more than a century, building professionals have trusted CertainTeed for products that deliver long-lasting performance and homeowner satisfaction. CertainTeed continues that quality commitment with CertaWrap Weather Resistant Barrier, CertaFlash and CertaTape.

Sustainability Information

CertainTeed cares about the environment, and believes in sustainable manufacturing processes. Wherever possible we produce products using recycled content, work to decrease raw materials consumption, and strive to reduce waste. Our products help building professionals meet green building standards, and enable homeowners to achieve greater energy efficiency.

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