Mountain Ridge® high-profile hip and ridge accessory is the perfect finishing touch for your roof with blended color and high-profile design. The difference is blending in.

Blended color creates a unified look with the field shingles, instead of a "striped" look.

Rounded edges give a substantial, finished look.

Mountain Ridge meets the hip and ridge accessory requirements for the CertainTeed Integrity Roof System® which is comprised of underlayments, shingles, accessory products and ventilation all working together. The Integrity Roof System is designed to provide optimum performance--no matter how bad the weather conditions are.

Technical Information

  • Fiber glass reinforced SBS modified bitumen
  • Five layer design with tri-laminate base
  • Available in 8" (Southwest and Northwest Regions only) and 10" widths
  • Colors match CertainTeed Presidential Shake®, Presidential Shake® TL, Landmark® and the Landmark® TL Series.
  • 8" exposure


Mountain Ridge® Hip and Ridge Accessory Shingles are designed specifically for use with Presidential® TL, Presidential Shake®, Landmark® TL, and Landmark® Series shingles. Applying a roof system correctly is essential to the warranty and performance of the roof. Please refer to the installation instructions for complete details. Available in both English and Spanish.

Warranty Details

This product has a limited warranty against manufacturing defects concurrent with the warranty of the field shingle with which it is installed. See CertainTeed's Asphalt Shingle Products Limited Warranty for specific details.

Export Information

Mountain Ridge® asphalt roofing shingles are available for Export.  Please review the related product brochures for additional information.

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