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CertainTeed Rigid Liner Board with ToughGard Facing revolutionizes HVAC ductwork and plenum insulation and protection. This high-performance solution, engineered with a proprietary formula, outperforms traditional insulation materials in various ways. Its exceptional thermal insulation capabilities significantly reduce heat loss and gain. In commercial and industrial settings, where energy costs can be substantial, these savings make a notable difference. Moreover, this innovative insulation product excels at noise reduction, fostering a more serene and comfortable environment for occupants. It also boasts resistance to corrosion and mold growth, extending the lifespan of HVAC ductwork and plenums. Installation is a breeze, even for DIY enthusiasts. The material's low dust emissions and smooth surface enhance comfort during handling. It can be effortlessly cut to size with a utility knife and secured using staples or nails. CertainTeed Rigid Liner Board with ToughGard Facing comes in various thicknesses and R-values, offering flexibility to suit diverse needs. Whether you're dealing with a small residential project or a large-scale industrial application, finding the perfect insulation solution is...See More

Features & Benefits

Thermal Protection
All products offer excellent thermal-insulating properties and lower HVAC operating costs by reducing energy consumption. This saves natural resources and reduces emissions into the atmosphere.
Water Repellency
The thermal properties of duct liner help control condensation, which helps improve indoor air quality by reducing unwanted moisture.
The strength and resiliency of the ToughGard surface provides outstanding resistance against puncturing, tearing and other damage during fabrication, installation, and periodic system maintenance.
Acoustic Comfort
ToughGard duct liner helps absorb equipment and air rush noises over a broad spectrum of sound. Noise is trapped and dissipated within the glass fiber matrix.

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