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CertainTeed Commercial AcoustaBlanket™ Black is the ultimate soundproofing solution for commercial buildings. It outperforms traditional materials in sound absorption and is easier to work with. With various thicknesses and forms available, it's versatile and comfortable to install. In a commercial setting, noise pollution can disrupt productivity and well-being. AcoustaBlanket™ Black reduces noise, fostering a more conducive work environment. Installation is straightforward with standard tools, but professional help is an option. Install batts by sizing and fitting snugly between studs or joists. For rolls, unroll, cut, and attach with staples or nails. Blown-in insulation requires a machine rental. Choosing AcoustaBlanket™ Black ensures high quality, backed by a strong warranty and CertainTeed's trusted re...See More

Features & Benefits

Controls room reverberation, reduces noise levels, eliminates echoes
Simple Install
Flexible blanket can be easily fabricated and installed on irregular surfaces
Fire Resistant
Durable fire resistant black composite top surface
Will not rot or mildew; resists fungal growth

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