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DryRoof® SA is a lightweight, self-adhering underlayment that provides a watertight seal around fasteners and roof penetrations to prevent leaks and water damage. Featuring a split-release backing for fast and secure installation, DryRoof® SA is designed for use as a wind-driven rain guard along eaves, roof penetrations, and valleys. It is UV-exposure-resistant for six months, sticks well to most surfaces, offers excellent elasticity, and has a slip-resistant sand surface to reduce risk of falls. Designed for use in conjunction with asphalt shingles, DryRoof® SA is warranted against manufacturing defects, and meets the requirements for use in a CertainTeed Integrity Roof System – providing contractors with a cost-friendly underlayment option for offering manufacturer-backed extended roof system warranties.

Features & Benefits

DryRoof SA can be used to cover the entire roof deck, serving as a valley liner, roof penetration shield, and wind driven rain guard.
DryRoof SA meets the following applicable code requirement standards: ICC ESR-1492 ASTM D1970; D2523; D903; D1204; D4073; E96 Florida Product Approval #30046 Miami-Dade Product Control Acceptance CSA A123.22 UL 790: Classified for use as underlayment beneath Class A, B, or C fire rated shingle systems
Split-release backing and self-adhering application allow for fast and secure installation
Warranted to remain watertight for the same warranty duration period carried by the shingles applied above it, up to a maximum of 50 years

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