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CertainTeed's Volu-Matic 500 is a high-performance blowing machine designed for use with loose-fill fiberglass insulation. This equipment is built to provide a fast and efficient insulation installation process in attics, floors, and walls. Its advanced features make it a popular choice among insulation contractors, builders, and homeowners alike. The Volu-Matic™ 500, formerly the Volu-Matic® V, is a powerful, dual-purpose machine. It excels at insulating attics, netted and closed cavities, and spraying sidewalls. Plus, its custom vacuum system returns excess insulation to the large material hopper, which is equipped with unique processing capabilities to blend recovered recycled material while providing a smooth, consistent flow of fiber through the feeder and back out the application end of the blow hose. The vacuum system is part of the machine, so no additional job site setup is required. Simply turn it on when you need it. The Volu-Matic 500 delivers efficiency on location, ease of adjustment, and practical versatility. This high-performance blowing machine can be used with a range of CertainTeed loose-fill fiberglass insulation products, including InsulSafe SP, OPTIMA, and InsulSaf...See More

Features & Benefits

Power take-off (PTO)
The Volu-Matic 500 machine is mounted in the back of the contractor's truck and is powered by the truck mounted PTO box. This PTO box drives a shaft under the truck which has two belt drives up to the machine.
Side, Front and Rear Guards
All Volu-Matic 500 machines are factory equipped with side, front, and rear guards. The top of the machine does not require guarding when correctly mounted in the contractor’s truck.
Material Options
Cellulose, fiberglass, rockwool
Fiber Conditioning and Minimizing Waste
Your Volu-Matic 500 machine is primarily a material conditioning and air conveying system along with a vacuum recovery system. Fibers are conditioned or opened to the proper density by mechanisms in the hopper, the shredder, and then air conveyed into sidewall or attic by the blower, airlock feeder, and hose. Excess material sprayed into a sidewall cavity can be re-introduced into the hopper to blend with new material eliminating waste.
Volu-Matic 500 Insulation Blowing Machine

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