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The CertainTeed SG-220 Duct Board Grooving Machine is a powerful, efficient tool designed for duct board grooving. It's driven by a robust electric motor with precision-ground blades, ensuring consistent contours and dimensions. This versatility extends to 1 IN, 1.5 IN, and 2 IN boards. Benefits of the SG-220 include rapid operation, accuracy, user-friendliness, and durability. Its advantages encompass time and cost savings through speed, precision, and reduced waste. Setup is straightforward, making it accessible for newcomers. Using the SG-220 is hassle-free: feed the duct board onto the conveyor belt, and let the rollers pull it through the blades. Safety features include a foot-actuated switch, while accessibility and portability are enhanced with easy maintenance access and swivel casters. Applications for the SG-220 span commercial and residential construction, HVAC projects, duct board fabrication, and more. Its appeal lies in its speed, precision, ease of use, and the trusted reputation of Cert...See More

Features & Benefits

Product Use
Intended to cut and fabricate square, rectangular and round duct using fiberglass ductboard in thickness up to 2"
Machine Durability
Structural steel construction, durable powder coat finish
Foot-actuated switch for safe, dependable operation
Easy access to all working parts, swivel casters with two brakes

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