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The BOLT® 3 boasts our Quad Agitation System: an industry leading design composed of three rotating agitators and a patented spiked auger. These combine to thoroughly open compressed loose fill, eliminating clumps and best conditioning fiberglass, cellulose, stone wool, and fireproofing materials for proper installation. Effective coverage in attics, walls, and cavities is easy, thanks to its 150 FT hose.

Features & Benefits

Fits through a 36-inch wide doorway and has rotating, lockable casters
Ease of Use
Hopper has 2.5+ bag capacity and the Bolt 3 is available with either wired or wireless remote control
Safety Features
Emergency stop to immediately shut down power along with hopper safety design to prevent access to rotating machine parts
Feed Rate
Fiberglass - 18 LB / Minute; Cellouse 25 LB / Minute
Power Requirement
Two 120V / 15A circuits required

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