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Structured and Soft

HeartFelt Linear Levels & Rounds by CertainTeed is a premium felt ceiling system suitable for commercial, institutional and residential buildings. This modular system is made of non-woven felted polyester and wool fibers, which provides a soft and warm appearance, acoustic performance and fire resistance. The HeartFelt Linear Levels & Rounds system is available in two shapes, linear levels and rounds, providing numerous design options to create beautiful and unique ceiling designs. The felt ceiling system is easy to install and maintain. The felt panels are lightweight, making them easy to handle and install by a professional installer. The HeartFelt Linear Levels & Rounds system is available in a range of colors, providing an opportunity to create unique designs for any space. The felt panels can be easily removed and reinstalled to allow for access to the ceiling void for maintenance or repairs. The HeartFelt Linear Levels & Rounds system has a high Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) of up to 0.80, making it ideal for use in areas where noise reduction is critical. The felt panels provide superior acoustic performance, absorbing sound waves and reducing reverberation time in a space, making it an ideal choice for conference rooms, classrooms, and other spaces where speech intelligibility is critical....See More

Explore Color and Finish Options

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HeartFelt Panel Profiles
Standard Profiles and Depths v1 copy.jpg
Optional End Caps
Optional End cap v1 copy.jpg
HeartFelt Linear - 40HL55
HF - 40HL55 -  Lower ISO - Raw.jpg
HeartFelt Linear - 40HL80
HF - 40HL80 -  Lower ISO - Raw.jpg
HeartFelt Linear - 40HL105
HF - 40HL105 -  Lower ISO - Raw.jpg
HeartFelt Round - 40HR64
HF - 40HR64 - ISO - Raw.jpg
Standard Linear Configuration - 60mm
Standard Configuration 60mm v1 copy.jpg
Standard Linear Configuration - 80mm
Standard Configuration 80mm v1 copy.jpg
Standard Linear Configuration - 100mm
Standard Configuration 100mm v1 copy.jpg
Levels Configuration - Step
STEP copy.jpg

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