Low-Slope Master Craftsman Credentials

Within Commercial Roofing, we offer two credentials for individuals: the Modified Bitumen Master Craftsman and the Liquid-Applied Roofing Master Craftsman. These certifications demonstrate the acquisition of the technical knowledge required for proper application of hot-mopped, torch-welded, cold-applied, and self-adhered low-slope Flintlastic® modified bitumen roofing systems and SMARTCOAT™ liquid-applied roof systems.

As a self-study course, the Low-Slope Applicator’s Manual can be used as the basis for individuals who wish to achieve these professional credentials. By studying and learning the information, individuals can gain efficiency and confidence in their craft. A Master Craftsman designation can be obtained by accurately completing the complementary Master Craftsman Exam.

Achieving a Master Craftsman designation represents: 

• Your knowledge of CertainTeed built up-roofing (non-modified), modified bitumen, and liquid-applied roofing products and systems. 
• Your competency for proper, water-tight installation of CertainTeed low-slope products and systems.

There are multiple benefits to holding a Master Craftsman designation: 

• Your professional capability, with the knowledge you gain, can make you a more valued and dependable worker. This can mean added job security. 
• Added confidence and competence can result in more job satisfaction and responsibility, as well as more challenging work. 
• Your status as a Master Craftsman is illustrative to a client or customer that you are committed to self-education and quality craftsmanship. 
• Your company can be confident that the work you do will be performed in accordance with CertainTeed warranty requirements.


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