A Quarterly Review of Tips, Techniques and News for Contractors FALL 2011
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A Colorful 2012 for Vinyl Siding

The New Year brings new colors and products.
Monogram in Seagrass
Monogram in Seagrass

Seagrass is the newest "It" color, and we’re offering it in our most popular panels and accessories:
  • Cedar Impressions® Shakes and all Vinyl Carpentry® accessories for Cedar Impressions
  • Monogram® panels and all Vinyl Carpentry accessories for Monogram
  • T 3-1/3" InvisiVent® Soffit and Vertical Siding
  • Universal Soffit and Vertical Siding: T-4" solid and fully vented soffit
Chamfer Board Vertical Siding and Soffit
Chamfer Board™
Additionally, D5" solid and fully vented Value Soffit is now available in Natural Clay, Savannah Wicker, Desert Tan, and Sterling Gray.

In addition to vertical siding, our NEW Chamfer Board™ Vertical Siding and Soffit can be used in porch ceiling and soffit applications. Beveled-edge Chamfer Board is .044" thick and available in D5" solid and fully vented styles in eight low-gloss colors.

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WeatherBoards™ Fiber Cement Siding

New products and services for 2012.

CertainTeed ColorMax Stains
Enhanced CertainTeed ColorMax® Stains will be available from all fiber cement manufacturing facilities. The three-layer ColorMax system includes our exclusive FiberTect® primer/sealer for protection against moisture, ColorMax base coat to further enhance resistance to weather and ColorMax semi-transparent coat that enhances the deep, natural grain pattern of WeatherBoards to create the rich look of stained wood.

ColorMax® Stains are available on:
  • Perfection Shingles
  • Random Square Straight Edge Shakes (7" exposure)
  • Random Square Staggered Edge Shakes
  • 6-1/4", 7-1/4", and 8-1/4" Lap Siding
  • 12" and 16" Solid and Perforated Soffit
  • 5/4" trim in 4" x 12' and 6" x 12'
Lap siding is offered in full and half units. Shapes, soffits and trim are offered in full and micro units.

In addition, we are adding four of our most popular CertainTeed vinyl siding colors to our Custom Color program: Pacific Blue, Cypress, Flagstone and Forrest.
Vinyl Colors
Also through a partnership with Alsco you can now order trim coil color-matched to our 16 ColorMax solid colors. Go to for more information or to place an order.

Finally, we’ve added NEW 5/4" x 5" x 12' trim, in woodgrain or smooth finish, available primed (reversible) or prefinished in 10 ColorMax solid colors.

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Expanded Restoration Millwork® Exterior Trim Portfolio

New products and finishes broaden your choices in cellular PVC trim.

Fiber Cement Skirtboard
Fiber Cement Skirtboard

J-pocket Trimboard
J-pocket Trimboard
6" and 8" Fiber Cement Skirtboard
Manufactured with a unique beveled lap that automatically sets the first course for fiber cement siding installation, cellular PVC skirtboard can come into direct contact with the ground or concrete. Skirtboard ensures that fiber cement is installed at 6" minimum clearance above the finished grade and can be used as a transition board between shakes and lap siding. With its patent-pending DualStart™ design, it’s reversible and flippable to either TrueTexture™ woodgrain or smooth finish. Skirtboard is available in 12' lengths, 1" and 5/4" thicknesses, and 6" and 8" widths.

4" J-pocket Trimboard with Cut-out
Available in smooth/smooth or woodgrain/smooth texture, this new window trim features a cut-out that allows trimboards to lie flush around windows and doors with built-in nail flanges, taking the work out of making perfect miter cuts at the corners.

Column Wraps
Column Wraps

Beadboard with TightLap
Beadboard with TightLap™
Column Wraps
Square column wraps come pre-cut, pre-mitered, and pre-assembled to easily wrap around existing load-bearing 4"x 4" or 6" x 6" porch posts to create a low-maintenance porch column. Available 8" x 8" and 10" x 10" square, the 9' wraps come in a smooth finish and coordinate with any EverNew® vinyl or composite railing system. Choose from either Classic or Estate cap/base trim sets.
Satin Finish Profiles
Satin Finish Profiles

Satin Finish Profiles
Our great profiles are now available with an enhanced satin finish that allows for improved paintability. The current glossy profiles will be phased out during the first quarter of 2012.

Beadboard with TightLap™
Featuring both a larger lap and traditional groove, the new Beadboard with TightLap™ delivers faster installation and a tight fit for better hold and a larger concealed nailing area. The 2TL is 1/2" x 6" x 18', while the 3TL measures 1/2" x 8-1/2" x 18'. Both sizes feature a reversible smooth surface with two attractive repeat patterns.

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EverNew® Fence, Decking and Railing

Not to be outdone, the EverNew® team has developed some fresh additions for our popular fence, decking and railing products.

Effective December 1, 2011, the EverNew® LT and EverNew® PT decking warranties have increased. The EverNew PT decking is now a 25-year performance warranty with 25-year stain and fade. The EverNew LT decking is now also backed by a 25-year stain and fade warranty, in addition to its limited lifetime warranty.

Fascia for EverNew® LT or PT Decking
Fascia will be available the first quarter of 2012 for the multi-chromatic Jatoba and Spanish Cedar colors of EverNew LT Decking and in Ipe Tropics, Rosewood Tropics, Castle Gray and Tudor Brown for EverNew PT Decking.

Oxford Railing
Oxford Railing
Oxford Railing
Our two most popular colors – Almond and Clay – are now available for Oxford Railing. Clay features CertainTeed’s ColorLast™ dark color fade technology to provide superior protection from the sun's harshest rays. Square and colonial baluster styles are available in Almond, while the square baluster is available in Clay.
Gate Kits
Gate Kits

Gate Kits
Oxford, Edgewood®, and Kingston railing systems now include gate kits featuring sturdy construction with heavy-duty internal aluminum frames and stainless steel fasteners. The kits ship complete and ready to assemble, with aluminum reinforced uprights and rectangular rails, balusters, fasteners and high-quality gate hardware.

Decorative Post Caps
Decorative Post Caps
Decorative Post Caps and Trim
Our expanded selection of post accessories provides the elegance of metal without the unwanted side effect of corrosion. Also available is a complete line of coated PVC post accessories — decorative post caps, solar post caps and post trims in five metallic finishes: Antique Brown, Antique Copper, Antique Gray, Antique Gold and Patina. All coordinate with 4" x 4" post sleeves.

Mount Post Support
Mount Post Support
Mount Post Support Kit
Constructed of Dachromate-coated steel for superior rust prevention, the Mount Post Support is designed for surface mounting posts to concrete, wood and composite decking. Available 36" and 42" high, the Mount Post Support works for both flat and stair applications.

CertainTeed Selects™ Fence
Wilshire, Bel Air, Arlington, Arlington with Lattice, Post & Rail, and accessories are now available in ever-popular Almond.

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Installing WeatherBoards™ Fiber Cement Individual Shakes

by Bob Werner

Bob Werner
Before you install WeatherBoards™ Individual Shakes, review and ensure compliance with all local building codes and regulations regarding the selection and proper use of sheathings, water-resistive barriers, flashings and other building materials and systems.

Individual Shakes must be installed over wall construction with framing spacing 16" to 24" o.c. (max.) and a minimum of 7/16" OSB or 1/2" plywood sheathing. Use double hot-dipped galvanized or stainless steel fasteners. Do not use electro-galvanized fasteners because they corrode faster, especially in coastal areas.

Starter Strip
You can use fiber cement, vinyl utility trim, or PVC skirt board as a starter strip. When starting installation at ground level, establish a straight, level chalk line to guide the positioning of the starter strip and the shake starter course.
  1. Find the lowest point of the sheathing and make a mark that is 1" above the lowest point. The bottom edge of the siding will be 2-1/4" below the mark you just made. Make sure this point is high enough to ensure that the shakes are installed at least 6" above the finished grade or 1" above surfaces where water may collect.
  2. From this mark, snap a level chalk line to the opposite end of the wall. Repeat this step around the entire house.
  3. Using the chalk line as a guide, attach a starter strip.
Starter Course
To ensure that the keyways are fully backed by fiber cement, install the first course of Individual Shakes over a full starter course of 9-1/4" lap fiber cement siding. If you are transitioning from less than 9-1/4" Lap Siding to Individual Shakes, use 9-1/4" Lap Siding as your starter course at the transition. If you are starting the wall with Individual Shakes, place a starter strip under the starter course.

Using the starter strip as a guide, attach the starter course so that the bottom edge will project at least 1/4" below the bottom edge of the starter strip.
  • Place the fastener 1" from the top of the panel and no closer than 3/8" from the edge. Drive the fasteners a minimum of 1-1/4" into the structural framing, but do not over-drive the fasteners and do not place the fasteners in the center, unsupported area of the siding.
  • Fasten from one end of the panel to the other.

First Course of Individual Shakes
  1. Install the first shake with the bottom edge slightly below the starter course. Be sure to maintain a 1/8" gap at all trim locations. Always caulk between the siding and the trim.
  2. Place fasteners 1" from the side edges and 9" up from the bottom of the shake.
  3. Continue installing shakes in a random manner, mixing the 6-1/4", 8-1/4" and 12" shake sizes.
  4. Maintain a 1/4" keyway gap between shakes. Use the edge of a shake or a piece of 1/4" plywood as a jig to maintain even spacing between Individual Shakes.
Second and Subsequent Courses
  1. Select and position the shake 8" up from the bottom of the previous course, such that course-to-course keyway spacing is no closer than 1-1/2".
  2. Place fasteners 1" from the side edges and 9" up from the bottom of the shake. Fasteners must penetrate the top of the shakes of the previous course.
  3. Continue installing shakes in a random manner, mixing the 6-1/4", 8-1/4" and 12" shake sizes to maintain the 1/4" keyway gaps and 1-1/2" minimum keyway spacing.
  4. Individual Shakes are designed and installed to create a straight-edge, 8" exposure finished application. Alternative applications, such as staggered edge, can be achieved with the Individual Shakes following the basic steps noted above. However, the exposure should never be less than 6-1/2" and the fastening location should be kept 9".
For more information about installing WeatherBoards™ Fiber Cement Individual Shakes, visit, or call Sales Support at 800-233-8990.

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From the VSI

America Sides with Vinyl
News and information from the Vinyl Siding Institute.

Here are some newsworthy snippets and fact sheet we found of interest from the Vinyl Siding Institute:

  • In an interview with WEWS in Cleveland, VSI President Jery Huntley dispels the claim that vinyl siding was "melting off homes in NE Ohio."

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Improveit!360 Program

Programs to grow your business.

Grow Your Business From Here
CertainTeed is helping its credentialed contractors grow their business through a partnership with improveit!360, a leading web-based business management software provider. Remotely accessible via the web, improveit!360 features automated marketing and an exclusive results wizard that ensures leads will be nurtured to make certain that they generate savings and sales growth.

By managing all aspects of a business in one centralized location, including QuickBooks® integration, you can access important data from the office or the road. Reporting and dashboard capabilities show best performing lead sources, sales reps, components and more — further bolstering informed, timely business decisions. improveit!360 is now available nationwide to all CertainTeed Siding Products Group 5-Star, 5-Star Green, 5-Star Fence and Master Remodeler credentialed contractors. For more information call 866-421-3360 or visit

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Digital Architect Binder

Product information available online.

CertainTeed Digital Architect Binder
To provide easy online access to exterior product information, CertainTeed has developed a new digital architect binder — a one-stop destination created to simplify the specification process. The new sitelet assists industry professionals involved in researching material and product options at each stage of the design process. Visitors to the site will find sought-after documents for the entire CertainTeed vinyl and fiber cement siding, trim, weather-resistive barrier and fence, railing and decking product lines in one convenient location.

Printable Word and PDF versions of specification sheets, portfolios, drawings, warranty information, brochures, installation manuals and other technical data are available for immediate download at

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CertainTeed Participates in Charity Build

CertainTeed sent three VSI Certified Trainers and donated vinyl siding to the October Millard Fuller Build.

Roger Werner at Millard Fuller Legacy Build
Roger Werner at Millard Fuller
Legacy Build
Application Specialists Roger Werner, Steve Learman and Tim Larson participated in the third annual Millard Fuller Legacy Build October 17 – 21 in the Legacy Acres subdivision of Minden, LA.

Volunteers from around the country built eight new homes and rehabbed seven others during the five-day build. To help ensure that the homes were built to last, a dozen Certified Trainers and Vinyl Siding Institute staff contributed their time and expertise to show volunteers how to properly install vinyl siding and accessories. All of the vinyl siding and accessories used for the eight new homes and one rehab undergoing exterior improvement were provided by VSI member companies.

VSI has actively participated in builds with The Fuller Center for Housing since Millard and Linda Fuller founded it in 2005. For more information about the 2011 Millard Fuller Legacy Build, visit

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Lakewood, N.J. Contractor Announces "Certain to Please" Exterior Renovation Sweepstakes Winner

Couple wins $15,000 worth of CertainTeed exterior building renovations.

Contest winner and Beachwood, N.J.
residents Ann and Eric Cicerello
Home renovation specialists All County Exteriors of Lakewood, NJ, recently presented "Certain to Please" sweepstakes winner, New Jersey resident Ann Cicerello, with a certificate for $15,000 worth of CertainTeed exterior building materials, including installation. All County Exteriors, a CertainTeed 5-Star Contractor and Select ShingleMaster™ contractor, created the contest to promote CertainTeed’s sustainable line of roofing, vinyl and fiber cement siding products. "We came up with the sweepstakes because we wanted to showcase how sustainable exterior building products can greatly impact a home," said Beth Mayer, All County Exteriors residential marketing manager. "Choosing CertainTeed siding and roofing shows a homeowner cares about the environment by choosing an aesthetically-pleasing, long-lasting product that will also lower future energy costs."

As a certified CertainTeed 5-Star Siding contractor, All County Exteriors has completed high-level training and has been provided tools to improve installation skills as well as enhanced product information for CertainTeed’s vinyl and polymer siding and Restoration Millwork® Exterior PVC Trim.

To achieve CertainTeed Select ShingleMaster member status, All County Exteriors has shown extensive knowledge of shingle installation and quality through rigorous testing.

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"Business Solutions: Prequalifying Clients" – Staying true to your core business may mean walking away from some jobs (p. 22).

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"Housewrap: It's About Balance" – Help your customers understand why housewrap is important for proper insulation (p. 16).

"In Depth – Siding" – Finding the bright spot in the siding market can help keep sales moving (p. 22).

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Speaking of Tips, The Winners Are...

Bill Hughes of California-based Northwest Exteriors and David Phelps of The Roofing Company in Portsmouth, VA.

Bill says, "When we install fiber cement siding, we install aluminum flashing on all outside and inside corners. The flashing makes the installation look more solid for the customer and it ensures that you won't get a leaker service call in areas that are prone to water intrusion. It's important to us because in our market, we have to provide a solid lifetime warranty, and we'll be around when that caulking starts to fail. Our distributors save their damaged rolls of coil for us to use for this, and we simply break it right down the center and tack it up. It is easier to apply than membrane flashing, so labor costs are minimal."

David writes, "When I present a siding remodeling project, I price more than the homeowner has asked for: I work up a Good-Better-Best presentation. The "Good" must include the products and scope of work the homeowner requested. Upgrades like Restoration Millwork® Exterior Trim are added to the "Better" offer, while the "Best" offers something completely different, like Cedar Impressions® Shakes or WeatherBoards™ Fiber Cement Siding. You will find that while some homeowners will select the "Good," most will gravitate towards the middle and pick the "Better" option. You will even find some that select the "Best'! The fact is: No one will buy the best if you don't present it. Let it be the homeowner's choice!"

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