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NEW! CertainTeed® Vinyl and Polymer Siding Life Cycle Analysis

CertainTeed® achieves best environmental performance in LCA.
Vinyl and Polymer Products

In a recent life cycle analysis (LCA), CertainTeed® Vinyl Siding, CedarBoards™ Insulated Siding and Cedar Impressions® Polymer Siding outperformed other exterior siding products – such as brick, stucco and cedar siding – in terms of environmental and economic performance.

The LCA, which was conducted by Sustainable Solutions Corporation of Royersford, Pa., included an in-depth analysis of the products' impact on the environment throughout its entire lifespan. Quantitative results of the LCA have been submitted to the National Institute of Standards and Technology's Building for Economic and Environmental Sustainability (BEES) program, an online software program that allows the comparison of building products on a life cycle basis. Click here for the full story.

For complete details about this in-depth study, download the new "Vinyl and Polymer Products Life Cycle Analysis Report." And be on the lookout for the "Vinyl and Polymer Products Brief" which will be available in June in both electronic and hard copy versions.

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Updated CertainTeed Green Building Brochure

Newly revised brochure includes all the important facts about green building with vinyl siding, polymer siding and trim.
Green Brochure

An updated version of the "CertainTeed Green Building with Vinyl Siding, Polymer Siding and Trim" brochure (CTS353) is now available. Full of important facts that pertain to "green building" with both LEED and NAHB standards, it also combines information from the original "Sustainability Begins At Home" brochure as well as our brand new vinyl and polymer Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) into one handy reference tool. Download the electronic version or ask your CertainTeed representative or distributor.
Note: The Sustainability Begins At Home brochure (CTS346) is being discontinued.

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Heat-Sealed Edges Provide Crisp, Smooth Finish

Restoration Millwork® FinishedEdge™ pushes quality to every edge.
FinishedEdge Trimboard

Restoration Millwork® PVC trim is now available with a new FinishedEdge™ feature that provides a crisp, clean edge for trimboards and corners by heat-sealing the edges using a proprietary process that creates a quality, smooth finish.

FinishedEdge is trimmed perfectly flat for tighter tolerances so that the board is sealed at every touch point, creating a flawless, clean appearance. Because the feature eliminates problematic grooves and pockets that allow dirt to collect on the surface, no maintenance is necessary to keep trimboards looking cleaner and whiter longer.

While Restoration Millwork PVC trim does not require painting, contractors or homeowners who wish to add color have a paint-ready surface – no sanding or finishing required. Its paintability, along with its ability to be heat-formed into curves and arches, and the option of TrueTexture™ or Smooth finish, offer builders and remodelers a host of design options.

"Restoration Millwork is the finishing touch that refines and polishes the look of a home," says Rick Brinton, business manager for CertainTeed Restoration Millwork. "CertainTeed's new FinishedEdge feature further positions Restoration Millwork trim as the superior choice to increase quality and curb appeal."

Ask your distributor about Restoration Millwork trimboards and corners with FinishedEdge, or log on to for more information.

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EverNew® PT Decking Now Available in Two New Colors

New colors enhance the existing rich, deep color palette.
Evernew PT Decking

CertainTeed is enhancing its design options for outdoor living spaces by adding two new shades of EverNew® PT Decking. The new colors, Castle Gray and Tudor Brown, join the existing rich, deep color palette of Bronze, Slate, Ipe Tropics and Rosewood Tropics.

EverNew PT composite decking consists of a high-density polyethylene core and features patent-pending PermaTech™ surface technology that encapsulates the core and provides for unparalleled stain, fade and scratch resistance. The decking is designed for strength, durability, and rigidity and is resistant to termites, splinters and decay. EverNew PT is backed by a strong 20-year performance warranty and the industry's only 20-year stain and fade warranty. For more information, contact your CertainTeed Territory Manager.

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Vinyl Siding Redefined

Eight-page brochure answers frequently asked questions about vinyl siding.
Vinyl Redefined

"Vinyl Siding Redefined" is a new, informative brochure dedicated to enlightening consumers and industry professionals about the "real" facts on vinyl siding. It is a must-see for homeowners who might be considering vinyl siding for the first time or to clear up misconceptions about this industry-leading exterior cladding option.

This 8-page, color brochure explains why vinyl siding is the number one cladding product in the U.S. Among other reasons, vinyl siding has the lowest installed costs of any siding and it is the only siding that carries a lifetime warranty. In response to consumer questions about the environmental impact of vinyl siding, the brochure also discusses the reduced scrap rates of a jobsite where vinyl siding is installed, the amount of vinyl that is recycled nationwide, and the zero percent waste achieved at most CertainTeed vinyl and polymer siding manufacturing facilities.

Aesthetic advances like PermaColor™ color retention technology, TrueTexture™ real woodgrain finish, and the nearly endless options of CertainTeed's color, style and texture combinations are also highlighted.

Ask your distributor or CertainTeed territory manager for a copy of "Vinyl Siding Redefined" (CTS413), or download it now from

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Don't Want to Read the Book? Watch the Movie.

Video explains CertainTeed sustainable product stewardship.
Green Circle Certified

In easy-to-understand, layman's terms, the "Sustainability Begins at Home" video illustrates how CertainTeed's efforts to reduce, reuse and recycle vinyl siding is contributing to reducing landfilled waste, energy and water use, and CO2 emissions. By providing an in-depth look at the life cycle of CertainTeed's CedarBoards™ Insulated Siding, this 7-1/2-minute video highlights the recycling efforts made by CertainTeed, our siding distributors, and our 5-Star Green Contractors. It also provides the viewer with a better understanding of the stringent industry standards, including Life Cycle Analysis and the U.S. Green Building Standards, that must be met before a product can be labeled a "sustainable building product." In addition, the video demonstrates why CertainTeed vinyl siding has 60% less environmental impact than generic vinyl siding and explains our vinyl recycling program. Click here to view "Sustainability Begins at Home."

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Vinyl Siding Institute Webinars

Find live and on-demand webinars at
America Sides With Vinyl

On June 9th and 10th, VSI will host a live webinar on Insulated Siding as Home Insulation. This one-hour webinar, which also qualifies for one AIA credit, will explain how insulated siding complies with building code and energy efficiency programs, proper R-value testing, and the fundamentals of installation.

Can't make a live session? Be sure to check out one of the several on-demand webinars available at

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ISO 14001 Sets Standard for Environmental Stewardship at CertainTeed Plants

Siding plants earn certification for environmental performance.
UL Registered Firm

All 11 CertainTeed siding plants have achieved or are working towards the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 14001 certification. ISO 14001 is a comprehensive set of standards for environmental management. This hard-earned, widely recognized certification indicates that a plant and its employees are doing everything in their power to control processes and improve environmental performance. We expect that all of our plants will bear this certification by 2012.

Earning ISO certification is a challenging 12- to 18-month undertaking that requires extensive training and resources. The certification has clarified and added direction to each plant's environmental policy and reinforced CertainTeed's dedication to manufacturing sustainable products at environmentally responsible facilities.

Customers using products from one of our ISO 14001 certified plants can rest assured that they are manufactured in the safest, most efficient, eco-conscious method. Additionally, these products meet all state and federal requirements and are designed for safe use by customers.

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EPA Recognizes CertainTeed's parent company Saint-Gobain with 2011 ENERGY STAR® Sustained Excellence Award

Saint-Gobain, the world leader in sustainable habitat, recognized for outstanding leadership in energy management.
Energy Star Award

CertainTeed, through its parent company, Saint Gobain, is once again sharing top honors for its outstanding contributions to protecting the environment through energy efficiency. For the third straight year, Saint-Gobain has been awarded an ENERGY STAR® Award by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in recognition of outstanding achievements in energy management and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Saint-Gobain was awarded the ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year Award in 2009 and 2010, but this is the first time the Company has attained the prestigious level of "Sustained Excellence."

In recent years, CertainTeed has implemented a wide range of process improvements and energy management practices that led to a 10 percent reduction in energy usage at its facilities. The company also continues to take a leadership role in manufacturing products that improve the energy efficiency of the built environment.

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Green Builder® Media Recognizes CertainTeed Fiber Cement

2011 Hot 50 Products Editor's Award
Green Builder Media

CertainTeed Fiber Cement was selected from thousands of new or redesigned sustainable products to receive the Green Builder® Media's 2011 Hot 50 Products Editor's Award. This award program, now in its fourth year, has become the building industry's premier program for innovative manufacturers; only 50 are chosen to promote to Green Builder Media's 100,000-plus building industry readers. Green Builder Media's goal is to foster the development and adoption of truly green options for today's homes.

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Revised ICC-ES Evaluation for Restoration Millwork®


The ICC-ES Evaluation Report for Restoration Millwork Exterior Trim (ESR-2922) has been updated to include beadboard and corners. Click here to view the updated report.

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CertainTeed Siding Sponsors REMODELING Cost vs Value Insert

Cost vs. Value
Fiber cement, vinyl and insulated siding rank high in cost recouped.

REMODELING magazine's popular "Cost vs. Value Report" for 2010-11 is formatted as a special 20" x 28" pull-out poster (equivalent to 16 magazine pages) that is inserted into their January issue. Featured on one side of the poster are the product category cost vs. value rankings and trend information topped by a CertainTeed Freedom of Choice header. The reverse side of the pull-out is an extensive Freedom of Choice broadside highlighting all four of our siding material selections. The report notes that siding replacement with fiber cement ranks first, while insulated siding ties with vinyl siding for sixth place in project "cost recouped." Deck addition also scores relatively high especially in the $5,000 to $25,000 project category.

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The Winner Is...

Jamie Roberts of The Siding Company in St. Charles, Missouri. As our thanks for sending us the following installation tip, Jamie will receive an Acer® Aspire One Netbook Computer.

Jamie writes, "When we install fiber cement siding, we also promote CertainTeed's vinyl hidden vent soffit. This is a great way to keep the cost down on the job, and it helps us finish the job two to three days earlier, which means we get our money sooner. The hidden vent soffit is a premium look and goes great with fiber cement."

Thanks, Jamie. Triple 3-1/3 InvisiVent® soffit offers at least 50% more ventilation than most standard soffit, while the hidden vents provide a smooth, flat, non-perforated surface that looks great on any home.

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