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Unlimited Possibilities with CertainTeed Freedom of Choice™

2011 is all about freedom — freedom to choose from the broadest selection of siding and accessories in the industry.

Freedom of Choice
We understand that specializing in one type of siding might give you a niche and allow you to perfect your craft. But with the growing popularity of fiber cement, the practicality of vinyl, and the benefits of insulated siding and polymer shakes to consider — the time is right for Freedom of Choice. With more choices in siding materials, you have more to offer your customers. More product offerings can result in more leads, more sales, and increased profits for your business.

CertainTeed offers the broadest selection of siding materials available from any one source: Cedar Impressions® Shakes and Shingles, WeatherBoards™ Fiber Cement Siding, CedarBoards™ Insulated Siding, and the Vinyl Siding Collection. Each has its own unique advantages. Between them all, you'll have the right material for any kind of project. From the four most popular siding materials, to endless design possibilities, CertainTeed Freedom of Choice has more to offer you.

Throughout the year, you'll see our Freedom of Choice siding campaign popping up in advertising, consumer literature, trade shows, video and other publicity, as well as a dedicated landing page coming soon to

For a full description of your Freedom of Choice options, including the many professional and rewards programs for contractors who use multiple CertainTeed products, ask your CertainTeed distributor or territory manager for a copy of Freedom of Choice (CTS408).

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New Products for 2011

2011 Highlights
Click the image above to
view or download the 2011
Highlights Brochure.
EverNew® Railing and Decking
Multi-chromatic EverNew LT Decking — Two new tropic colors: Jatoba and Spanish Cedar are available in 12', 16', and 20' boards.

EverNew LT Decking

Solar caps lights

Solar wedge light
We've redesigned our solar post caps. The product innovations include same color top and base, four LED light bulbs, rechargeable batteries, and improved performance. Available in white, black, copper and stainless, the solar caps fit both 4" x 4" and 5" x 5" posts.

New Solar Wedge Lights — New solar wedge lights complement our new solar caps. Wedge lights can mount to any fence or railing post and feature two rechargeable batteries and three bright LED lights that cast a 15-foot light. No wiring is required for either light, and both are backed by a two-year limited warranty.

EverNew Column — The EverNew 8" round tapered column is now available in a 10' length. Reinforced for rigidity and stability, the column and finishing accessories offer a long-lasting, virtually maintenance-free alternative to wood porch supports.

Vinyl Post Sleeve — Available in white, this convenient 6" x 6" x 10' post sleeve can be accented with a 6" vinyl post cap and 6" post trim.

Ballistic NailScrew Driver
Ballistic NailScrew Driver and Hidden Fastener Kit — A gunnable fastener for EverNew PT and EverNew 20 decking; the fastener kits include 900 fasteners, 950 nail screws, and two drive bits.

CertainTeed Vinyl Siding
MainStreet™ — Three new colors: Flagstone, Hearthstone and Spruce have been added to D4" and D5", and D4" and D5" DL.
Vinyl Siding colors
Wolverine® American Legend™ — Three new colors: Buckskin, Flagstone and Spruce added to D4" and D5", and D4-1/2" DL.

CertainTeed Wolverine Encore™ — One new color: Cypress in D4", D5" and D4.5" DL.

CertaWrap house
Crown trim
CertaWrap™ Weather Resistant Barrier
CertaFlash™ BA peel and stick window flashing, CertaFlash™ Flex flexible flashing, and CertaTape™

Vinyl Carpentry® Accessories
3/4" H-bar in six colors

Restoration Millwork® Exterior Trim
45 Crown Profile — At 9/16" x 5-1/4" x 16', #45 Crown has a wider face than #47 and #49 Crown.

Ask your distributor or CertainTeed territory manager for more information, or click here to view our 2011 Highlights brochure.

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ColorView™ Visualization and Design Tools

CertainTeed provides you with the tools you need for design and color coordination of exterior products. ColorView Online offers web users the ability to mix and match colors and styles on a selection of pre-mapped home styles.

ColorView Upload Your Home takes things a step further. Users can upload and modify their own images at their computer. For a $50 fee, you can upload a photo of any home and have it masked professionally. Use it to demonstrate the styles and colors available from CertainTeed.

For more information on ColorView and ColorView Upload Your Home, contact your CertainTeed territory manager or log onto

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Fiber Cement Master Remodeler Program

Join a privileged few at the top of your craft and enjoy exclusive marketing support and financial rewards.

Master Remodeler Brochure
The CertainTeed Fiber Cement Master Remodeler Program picks up where the Master Craftsman program leaves off ... at the leading edge of a profession of highly qualified tradesmen representing the best of the best. The Master Remodeler designation is a distinction above and beyond the requirements of our Master Craftsman program, and the rewards of this exclusive partnership are exceptional.

Higher Standards
To qualify as a Master Remodeler, a contractor must successfully complete the Fiber Cement Siding Master Craftsman program and the Fiber Cement Advanced Training Program. In addition, Master Remodelers must demonstrate that they carry $1 million general liability insurance, Workmen's Compensation (where required), a secure credit rating, and Better Business Bureau accreditation.

Greater Rewards
Advanced status as a Master Remodeler opens the door to our highest level of rewards. The rewards include full-color homeowner brochures, magnetic truck decals, a shirt with the Master Remodeler logo, and a certificate confirming your status as a Master Remodeler. More importantly, you'll receive in-home selling tools that are high impact and easy to show.

Financial Incentives
Finally, as a CertainTeed Master Remodeler, you also get a boost in the budget with extra rebate dollars in the Show Me the Money Rebate program. For every qualified Show Me the Money product, we add an additional 10% bonus to your rebate rewards.

For details about how you can qualify as a CertainTeed Fiber Cement Master Remodeler, contact your CertainTeed territory manager.

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Installation Basics
Top 10 Fiber Cement Installation Tips

This new flier summarizes the basics for installing WeatherBoards™ Fiber Cement Siding. Complete with illustrations, the "Top 10" tips will help new installers avoid common mistakes and remind experienced contractors about installation best practices. Contact your CertainTeed distributor for your copy (item FC037).

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Building Solutions™

2011 program changes for remodelers and residential and commercial builders

Builder Program

Remodeler Program
Building Solutions™ is a comprehensive toolbox of education, training support, incentive and rewards for purchases of multiple products. As part of Building Solutions, remodelers can earn points toward rewards, while residential and commercial builders can earn monetary rebates.

Builder Program
Signing up is easier than ever — just ask your CertainTeed representative. Beginning January 2011, there are no more A and B product categories and a minimum number of homes is not required. You can submit the paperwork for rebate rewards quarterly or as late as March 31, 2012. Rebates less than $5,000 will be directly credited at the new site; larger rebates can be deposited directly into your account.

Remodeler Program
Remodelers will be rewarded $50 for their first $5,000 in purchases, and there is no limit to the amount of money that can be earned. You can submit invoices for reward points throughout the year. Reward points can be redeemed directly with hundreds of retailers or converted to cash and loaded onto a CertainTeed VISA® debit card.

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Railing Installation: Pleasure or Pain?

by Pat Sadler, Applications Sales Specialist

Pat Sadler
EverNew® railing systems are always a pleasure to install. CertainTeed has taken great strides to design railing systems that are user-friendly for installers, making the job more pleasure than pain. If you follow the instructions included in every box carefully, you will not only have a railing that was a pleasure to install, but the homeowner will also find pleasure in owning a railing system that is sturdy, beautiful, code-approved, and backed by the strongest warranty in the market today.

Build-It Tour
I interact with over 1,000 installers a year as I travel the country with CertainTeed's Build-It™ Tour. Training salespeople, counter personnel, company owners, and installers on CertainTeed EverNew railing and decking products is part of the Build-It Tour concept.

Here are two common questions I have been asked during these training sessions:

Spectrum White Baluster
Q.   What should I do when the last baluster is too close to the post, and I cannot slide the bracket cover back to insert the screws?
A.   Leave the bracket covers off temporarily. Make certain that all screws are attached through the post as well as through the sides of the rail. Take the bracket cover and, with vinyl snips, cut open the bottom of the cover with a single cut down the middle. Pry the bracket cover open and wrap it around the rail.

Q.   How can I safely and accurately cut stair bracket covers?
A.   Using a piece of scrap rail about 6" to 8" long, slide a bracket cover over each end. The unit will then sit flat on the saw table and flush against the fences. Temporarily attach the bracket covers with plastic wrap or house wrap tape or even a screw through the soon-to-be-scrap portion. Set up the saw with the correct angle and make your cuts.

Oxford stair rail kits contain foam blocks to help hold the bracket covers in place. When the bracket covers are mounted on the scrap material, the foam blocks are inserted in the void between the bracket cover and the rail.

Don't forget:   A 9/64" pilot hole in Kingston and Oxford will add to your pleasure and reduce the pain.

I hope these tips provide you with a more pleasurable installation experience. Look for more of these in the future.

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Show Me the Money 2011

Extended from January 1, 2011 to December 31, 2011

Show Me the Money
CertainTeed keeps the cash flowing by continuing the highly successful Show Me the Money rebate program, extending it for a full 12 months in 2011. Every time you buy one of the eligible products and submit your proof of purchase, you'll receive a rebate that will be loaded onto a custom CertainTeed Visa® Rewards Card.

If you participated in the Show Me the Money program last year, you know how rebate dollars can mount up. If you didn't participate last year, here's another chance to cash in on your CertainTeed purchases with reward dollars you can use any way you want. Your CertainTeed distributor or territory manager has the complete list of polymer and vinyl siding, WeatherBoards™ Fiber Cement siding, Restoration Millwork® exterior trim, and EverNew® railing and decking products that earn rebates. Take note, however, that this year there is a maximum redemption of 100 squares per project for vinyl and fiber cement siding products.

5-Star Contractor and Master Remodeler Bonus
If you are a CertainTeed 5-Star Contractor or Master Remodeler, you are eligible for additional rebate dollars.
  • 10% additional bonus on your Show Me the Money rebates.
  • For 5-Star Contractors, a refund of the registration and renewal fees for the VSI Certified Installer Program.
Easy to Apply
It's easy to obtain your rewards: Every time you purchase eligible products, complete the redemption form and submit it within 60 days of the purchase date, along with a copy of the invoice.

Start earning cash now! Ask your CertainTeed distributor for copies of the 2011 Contractor Rewards Program Redemption Form, which contains a complete list of eligible products and instructions for obtaining your rebate or download it here.

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In Case You Missed It

Links to recent articles to help you grow your business.

Here are some articles we've come across in the last few months that we think you might be interested in.

Home improvement magazines
Dust wiping may get more complex
Under the most recent proposal to the lead paint laws, contractors removing or replacing painted window or door frames or removing more than 40 square feet of painted trim or molding would be required to perform specific dust-wipe sampling tests. Remodeling, September 2010

Poor communication is a root cause of customer dissatisfaction
Communication, scheduling, and problem resolution are the top three areas of customer dissatisfaction with remodelers. Remodeling, October 2010

Sales School 101
Don't jump into a bidding war. Instead, establish yourself as a sales advisor to prospective clients and demonstrate that improved curb appeal brings great value. Remodeling, October 2010

Staff Stress Over Renovation, Repair, and Painting Rule
One contractor has lost two salespeople to the stress of the new lead laws. He is changing his company's growth plan accordingly. Remodeling, October 2010

2010-11 Cost vs. Value Report
Despite lower construction costs, slumping home resale values pulled the cost-to-value ratio down to its lowest level of the decade. The good news is that this may be the bottom. Remodeling, November 2010

40 Perspectives on the Decade Ahead
A one-size-fits-all approach to remodeling doesn't exist today, but perhaps it never did, remodelers reveal. Qualified Remodeler, September 2010

Choices in Vinyl Siding Encourage Exterior Remodeling
Although some homeowners are passing up discretionary remodeling, such as kitchens, baths and room additions, they are opting for improvements that will enhance the curb appeal of their homes, reduce maintenance, and/or improve energy efficiency. Qualified Remodeler, October 2010

The Shrinking House: Downsizing the American Dream
Today, the median home size has dropped to about 2,100 square feet from 2,300 square feet, and more than one-third of Americans say their ideal home size is actually less than 2,000 square feet. CNBC, November 10, 2010

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Award of Excellence

Award of Excellence
Showcase the great work you do by submitting your outstanding projects to CertainTeed's Award of Excellence program.

Quality workmanship and attention to detail should help you earn more business. Now it can, with the CertainTeed Award of Excellence. Photograph and submit your best projects. If you win, we'll provide marketing tools to announce and promote your award. These tools include posting on CertainTeed's Facebook page, a press release, an award plaque, a homeowner letter, and more. It's a great way to spread the word about your work and help you get a leg up on the competition.

So get your camera ready and take some "before" and "after" pictures showing your use of CertainTeed products. Visit our website at for details about how to complete the application and submit your photos. Good luck!

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Insulated Siding as Home Insulation: Guide for Users and Energy Raters

Guide for Users and Energy Raters
Are you interested in helping homeowners save energy and money on utility bills? VSI created Insulated Siding as Home Insulation: Guide for Users and Energy Raters to help you understand and communicate the benefits of insulated siding. The Guide also helps home energy raters understand how insulated siding can be used to help comply with energy code requirements and lower a home's HERS Index. It explains:
  • How insulated siding qualifies to meet the requirements of various residential energy efficiency programs, including ENERGY STAR Qualified Homes Version 3
  • Testing insulated siding products to determine actual R-value
  • Proper installation techniques necessary to achieve energy performance
  • Various assemblies demonstrating how insulated siding can be used as a component of a high-performance wall to help meet or exceed International Energy Conservation Code requirements for continuous insulation
Download your free copy of Insulated Siding as Home Insulation: Guide for Users and Energy Raters.

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The Winner Is...

David Grube of Pennsylvania Supply, Whitehall, Pa. As our thanks for sending us the following installation tip, David will receive a 32GB Apple® iPad®.

David writes, "We like to use CertainTeed vinyl F-channel to adapt our favorite gutter guards and leaf protection products for use on half-round gutters." Thanks, David. Low-maintenance, durable vinyl is the perfect solution to "trim" a half-round gutter.

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