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 Spring 2005
CertainTeed and Wolverine Introduce Rough-Split Shakes

The newest addition to Cedar Impressions® and Restoration Shapes™ is a Double 9" panel that replicates real hand-split cedar shakes. Rough-Split Shakes feature random shake lengths and gaps to create an authentic, seamless appearance. The .125" thickness, along with reinforcing ribs, provides a strong, sturdy panel.

Double 9" Rough-Split Shake panels are easy to install. Notched side laps let you install the panel straight up. Oversized perimeter side tabs and self-supporting friction locks engage easily and hold the panel securely. To help you position the panels accurately, the patent pending PanelThermometer™ displays panel temperature, and indicator marks help guide proper spacing. QuickReference™ nail marks and panel cut indicators help you space panels quickly and accurately. Rough-Split Shakes are 57" long and come in eight popular colors.

For more information about Double 9" Rough-Split Shakes, contact your distributor, or logon to www.certainteed.com.


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Specially-Designed Accessories Speed the Job

Bob Werner is CertainTeed's in-house application specialist. A former owner of his own contracting business, Bob has over 30 years of experience in the industry.

As an experienced installer, you can create a corner from lineals, fabricate receiving channels from aluminum coil, or trim the odd angle of a bay window with J-channel and quarter round. But why would you want to? You can save time and money and create a finished, professional appearance by using an accessory that has been developed specifically for the job at hand.

Vinyl Carpentry™ Accessories can help you complete most jobs in less time because they are designed to fit and they don't have to be fabricated at the job site. For example, you can order a Double 9" Mitered Cornerpost that matches the new Rough-Split Shake panel introduced earlier in this newsletter. The Mitered Cornerpost features the same cedar shake profile, and it is sized to fit over the Rough-Split Shake panel. A Cornice Molding Cap that is designed to fit over Cornice Molding with Mitered Cornerposts can finish the job. Similar Mitered Cornerposts are available for Double 7" and Triple 5" Perfection Shingles. And, a new specially designed Undersill Trim was developed to finish all Cedar Impressions styles under windows.

TrueComfort® siding also features a specially designed corner. This 1-1/4" insulated cornerpost reduces the need to shim corners to accommodate the extra width of a TrueComfort panel. One of our newest accessories, Bay Window Cornerpost, is flexible enough for you to use to trim angles from 45° to 30°. Using it eliminates the need to fabricate a corner from two pieces of J-channel and quarter-round. For our WeatherBoards Siding, there are five sizes of fiber cement trim to choose from—all are guaranteed to have the same great performance characteristics as our siding. These and other specialty accessories can give all your installations a finished look and reduce your time at the jobsite.

For a complete list of our Vinyl Carpentry Accessories, logon to www.certainteed.com or call 800-233-8990 and ask for the Siding Collection™ 2005 Product Catalog (CTS002) or Wolverine’s 2005 Product Catalog (WT128).

Click here to send a question to Bob Werner

Clearing the Air about Attic Ventilation

A new six-page booklet, Clearing the Air about Attic Ventilation, examines the need for adequate attic ventilation and explains the advantages of InvisiVent® super ventilated soffit.

This full-color booklet illustrates proper air movement through the attic and explains how adequate air flow can help protect roofs and reduce heating and cooling costs. Photographs illustrate InvisiVent's deep dovetails and non-perforated surface; a diagram shows potential customers how air flows through the vents. Use this handy booklet to demonstrate to your customers why they should choose InvisiVent invisibly ventilated soffit.

For your copy of this valuable booklet, logon to www.certainteed.com or call 800-233-8990 and ask for CTS381 or click here.

NEW Deluxe Folders and Sample Tools

Five new deluxe folders and sample kits demonstrate the value of CertainTeed and Wolverine premium brands. These information-packed selling aids highlight the selling proposition, style and color selections, and available accessories for some of our most popular products. These tools make it easy for you to sell-up and increase your profits.

Millennium® Selling Case - For in-home or table-top presentations, this 16" x 19" case features a siding panel attached to a sturdy substrate to demonstrate Millennium's nail-tight flexible hem. The case comes in a canvas bag along with a presentation book, Brochures, "Won’t Blow-Off" warranty, video and color chips.

Monogram™ and Classic™ Deluxe Folders - Each folder includes up to three siding styles, color chips, and a 3-1/2" lineal with rosette and corner block to help promote the beauty of decorative accessories. Full-color pictures with features and benefits help you guide customers through the sale.

Restoration Smooth™ Deluxe Folder - The large folder includes samples of Restoration Smooth Double 4-1/2" and Triple 3", color chips, and a 3-1/2" lineal with rosette and corner block. Large, full-color photos along with features and benefits make this a very effective sales tool.
D6 TrueComfort® Cedar Board ExampleSample - The latest addition to TrueComfort is highlighted on one side with a 22" panel that demonstrates the flat-faced cedar board style and TrueComfort's rigid foam backing. The reverse side features the full TrueComfort selling presentation and actual color chips.

Contact you distributor for these and other CertainTeed and Wolverine sales aids, and for more on how these and other marketing tools can make the difference in a sale, check out sales expert Doug Nyberg’s article in this issue.

Marketing Collateral

By Doug Nyberg, Director of Sales Productivity, CertainTeed

When you are evaluating a product for your business to represent, one of the important items to consider, in addition to product quality and selection, is the marketing tools the manufacturer offers to help you sell to your customer. Typically this is called marketing collateral.

Marketing collateral can range from simple one-page black and white literature pieces to an entire array of materials that allows you to present a product to your customer with the utmost professionalism. You must decide how you want to portray your company in the eyes of your customer.

For example, did you ever wonder why so many hotels have such “fancy” lobbies? It is because first impressions count. It is the “wow” factor. Your reaction when entering a lobby like this is,”wow, this hotel must really be nice”, and it usually is. The same is true when you are presenting a product to your customer.

When you have sold yourself and your company to your client and then it comes to product selection, most would like to put their best foot forward. This means presenting the product in a way that makes it easy for the customer to understand why they should use it, and the easiest way make their final decision as to color, profile, etc. By using professional and well organized marketing collateral that is backed by a stable manufacturer you simply add to the image you have worked so hard to create for both yourself and your company.

Consider the samples, color brochures, displays, color selection tools, internet assistance and referral options, industry rankings, warranty (and the reliability they provide) since a warranty is only as good as the company that stands behind it. If the product you are representing has the types of marketing tools that help you portray the image to your customers that you want, you have made the right choice in products to represent.

At CertainTeed Siding Products Group, we have what we feel is the best marketing department in the business. If you have not had a chance to review the marketing collateral that they produce, please consider asking your CertainTeed rep to review it with you. Once you have the opportunity to see how these tools can assist your selling efforts, I am confident you will agree that the quality of the marketing tools they create aligns extremely well with the excellent image you choose to portray.

What do you think?

Click here to send a question to Doug Nyberg

Customers Sing the Praises of Boardwalk HFS

Contractors are pleased with the Boardwalk Hidden Fastener System because of its proven efficiency and aesthetic appeal. With no under-the-deck work required, the HFS is up to 50 percent faster to install than traditional decking systems. There are fewer screws to buy and fuss with during installation, and once the deck is installed, there are virtually no visible nails or unsightly screw holes, creating a beautiful surface structure. Here’s what two satisfied customers have to say about Boardwalk HFS.

"The new Boardwalk Hidden Fastener System is terrific for our business, especially for the resort homes we supply. When homeowners invest in lake or mountain homes, they want every part of the home—even the deck—to look great. The surface of an HFS deck is smooth, with no visible hardware. The finished deck has the high-end look customers want in their vacation homes."
Ryan Moore, Vice President Sales and Marketing, Supreme Building Products, McMinnville, TN.

"The new integrated Hidden Fastener System for CertainTeed Boardwalk is an innovative system and a great product. While there are a few hidden fastener systems on the market, CertainTeed has the edge on the competition because Boardwalk HFS is easy and fast to install. It is just what deck installers are looking for.".
Darin Kriebel, President, Beautiful Homes, Southfield, MI.

VSI Certification for Installers

The Vinyl Siding Institute (VSI) has rolled out its new VSI Certified Installer Program. The program is a two-and-a-half day course of classroom and hands-on study of proper installation techniques for vinyl siding. Individuals can study to be Certified Installers and Certified Trainers. Installers with more than three years' experience may qualify to take the Certified Installer's examination without the course.

Walt Hoyt, CertainTeed Director of Communications and a member of the manufacturers' development committee for the VSI program, explains, “This program is a tremendous opportunity for installers to earn independent validation of their knowledge and skills. The certification will add value to the contractor's sales proposition and could be the critical difference in winning jobs. The certification can also give contractors a solid answer to homeowners who ask, ‘Why should I hire you?’”

The Certified Installer Program debuted in March and April in Columbus, Ohio, and Atlanta, Georgia, but courses will soon be offered across the United States and Canada. The program will be unveiled nationally in 2006.

For more information about the VSI Certified Installer Program, visit www.vinylsiding.org or call VSI's toll-free hotline: 888-367-8741.

Picture My Home Makeover

One picture says it all.

Helping your customers choose the right siding and roofing products for their homes can help clinch the sale. You can guide them through the selection process with the help of the professional designers at Picture My Home Makeover.

Have your customers send a digital picture of their home to www.certainteed.com/ picturemyhome and tell the designers what they’re looking for. For a fee, they’ll receive three different custom designed layouts, information on the products specified in the designs, and a list of local contractors.

The Winner Is...

Steve Gilpin of American Manufactured Exteriors is the winner of the Panasonic Lumix digital camera. Steve’s winning tip is a great way to demonstrate the added value and improved looks of Millennium siding.

Steve says, "I use a very simple technique to sell Millennium - I let the product sell itself. First, I hand the homeowners a 4' long piece of economy-grade, .038" or .040" siding. Then I give them a 2' piece of Millennium .044. They immediately feel and see the difference. I point out the deeper grain and explain how the flexible hem will smooth out any imperfections in the wall. We then talk about price, but the customers have already seen that Millennium is a better product, so it is easier for me to make the case for the higher-priced Millennium. If price continues to be an issue, I point out that we are only talking about an additional $300 to $400 for the entire house. I remind them that over the life of a 30-year mortgage, that's not even $15 a year more—for what they already know is a significantly better product."

Thanks, Steve, for reminding us that sometimes it's best to let the product speak for itself.

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