Spring 2004
New Cedar Impressions® Triple 5" Shingle Now Available
The newest addition to the Cedar Impressions® family is Triple 5" Perfection Shingles.

This new panel provides unparalleled looks, as well as many patent-pending features that make installation faster and easier.

Faster Installation
The new Triple 5" panel features a positive friction lock so there is no need to hold the panel while nailing, and the lead-in guide helps ensure the panel will engage easily. Notched side laps allow straight up installation like traditional siding.

Oversized Perimeter™ side lock tabs engage easily to help create a seamless appearance. Extra long lock tabs, as well as Quick Reference™ Nail Mark Indicators, also contribute to easier, faster installation.

Cedar Impressions Perfection Shingles also feature CertainTeed’s exclusive PanelThermometer™. As the temperature of the siding panel changes during the day, you adjust the spacing between panels as they are installed. The new PanelThermometer displays the temperature of the panel, while indicator lines show where to position it.

Properly spacing the panels helps ensure that Cedar Impressions siding won't buckle and stays locked during normal expansion and contraction. (For more detailed information on installing Cedar Impressions Siding, see Bob Werner’s article in this newsletter.)

Real Cedar Look
Like the other Cedar Impressions styles, the Triple 5" Perfection Shingle looks like real cedar shingles. The authentic cedar grain texture is featured throughout the full panel exposure, including the random shingle gaps, the butts, and the overlap.

The T5 panel comes in 12 of our most popular colors and can be installed with a wide selection of Vinyl Carpentry™ Decorative Trim. A matching Mitered Triple 5" Cornerpost is also available.
Ask your distributor for a sample of the new Triple 5" Cedar Impressions Perfection Shingle—it's sure to be a winner with installers and homeowners alike.

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NEW! InvisiVent™ Triple 3-1/3" Super Ventilated Soffit
Powerful hidden ventilation system provides more than 10" of net free intake per sq. ft.

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The Winner Is...

Ken Cowan of WeatherTight Building and Remodeling in Winnisquam, NH, is the winner of the Toshiba 13" TV/DVD combination.
For reminding us to cut off the factory ends whenever they might be visible at outside corners and windows, Ken will receive the Toshiba® portable media center. Cutting off the factory ends improves the appearance of all siding jobs, a technique Ken practices on every siding application.
Thanks, Ken.

Get It Right Every Time

Bob Werner

As you know, siding expands and contracts as the temperature changes. This is normal, and the spacing between Cedar Impressions should be adjusted as the panels are installed, specifically to accommodate this normal movement. Proper spacing prevents buckling, and it helps keep the locks properly engaged.

To help you maintain proper spacing between the panels, Cedar Impressions Double 7" and Triple 5" Perfection Shingles now feature a PanelThermometer™ that clearly and easily indicates the temperature of the panel as it is being installed. Coupled with the temperature indicator lines, the PanelThermometer helps ensure proper spacing every time.

Panel Temperature Is Key
Each siding panel has a PanelThermometer that displays panel temperature. It is located on the upper right-hand corner of the panel. Indicator lines, which are in the upper left-hand corner, serve as guides for the proper spacing between the panels. As the panel temperature changes throughout the day, you must adjust the panel spacing as indicated by the PanelThermometer.

The cells on the PanelThermometer change color to indicate the temperature of the panel. Use the temperature indicated by the brightest cell number, and space the panel to the corresponding indicator line. If a cell between two numbered cells is brighter, space the panel between the two corresponding indicator lines. If two cells on the PanelThermometer ™ show a color change, use the brighter color as the positioning temperature. For example, if the 65 cell is brighter, then set the panel spacing to the 65 indicator line. If the space between the 65 and the 100 cells is brighter, set the panel spacing between the 65 and 100 indicator lines. Be sure to recheck the temperature on the panels as the day progresses.

More detailed instructions for installing Cedar Impressions Perfection Shingles are in the CertainTeed Vinyl Siding Installation Guide, which is available at www.certainteed.com or from our Sales Support Group, 800-233-8990. You can also order specific installation instructions for the Cedar Impressions D7 and T5 panels from our Fax-on-Demand Service, 800-947-0057.

Do you have a special problem you'd like our installation guru to tackle? Click here.

New Soffit Delivers Increased Ventilation

You know the numbers: Experts recommend, and most codes require, a balanced attic ventilation system: 18" of net free area of exhaust at the roof ridge and 9" of intake at the soffit areas on each side of the house. CertainTeed’s new InvisiVent™ Triple 3-1/3" Super Ventilated Soffit provides more than 10" of net free intake area per square foot. That’s more than the minimum recommendation and at least 50 percent more than most competitors. And, InvisiVent will provide a balanced ventilation system with an overhang as short as 10".

InvisiVent looks like smooth painted wood because the intake vents are concealed in deep, sharply-flared dovetails between the panel faces. The soffit has a low gloss, matte finish and is available in 11 of CertainTeed’s most popular siding colors. It installs with our new 3/4" F-channel in matching colors.

Installation instructions for InvisiVent are available at www.certainteed.com or through our convenient Fax-on-Demand service (800-947-0057; press 13 for CertainTeed and then 557 for InvisiVent instructions).

Contact your local distributor for more information about InvisiVent Super Ventilated Soffit, or call our Architectural Support Group at 800-233-8990.

Make These Tools Work For You

To celebrate its 100th anniversary, CertainTeed has produced a 32-page comprehensive glamour brochure and oversized full-color portfolio for your sales presentations.

With its spectacular four-color photography, the glamour brochure highlights the beauty and benefits of Cedar Impressions® cedar-style shingles, Monogram™ vinyl siding, and the full line of Vinyl Carpentry™ soffit and decorative trim. The 20" x 14" portfolio features actual size product photography, a full line of color chips, and beautiful installed shots.

In addition to these high-impact sales tools, contractors and homeowners alike can take part in a special Centennial Promotion. Contractors can earn a $100 U.S. Savings Bond for up to 12 projects during the year, and can offer homeowners an original color rendering of their home for qualifying jobs.

Ask your local distributor about these once-in-a-century selling tools, or call the CertainTeed Sales Support Group, 800-233-8990. And don’t forget to ask about how you can earn a $100 savings bond!

Turn Rainy Days Into Learning Days

Knowledge is power, and there’s no better tool when it comes to building profitability. CertainTeed helps boost your skills with programs that move you quickly up the learning curve.

Earn as You Learn

CertainTeed education and development programs are designed in a variety of instructional forms, including interactive workbooks, videos, and illustrated printed materials. For even greater convenience, the Vinyl Siding Master Craftsman program is available on line. These free product-specific instruction manuals, videos, and testing programs let you learn at your own pace and turn today’s rain into your gain.

Business Development
Looking for ways to grow your business or operate more profitably? CertainTeed’s professional development tools will show you how to distinguish yourself from the competition, cross-sell your services, and create lifetime customers.

For more information about these and other benefits of becoming a Vinyl Siding Master Craftsman, call 800-233-8990 or log on to www.certainteed.com.

Cut Costs, Not Quality

To cut installation time, consider using these four innovative siding products, which are available only from CertainTeed. They can help increase the speed and ease of installation by as much as 50%.

1. Patented STUDfinder™ Installation System - Combining precisely spaced nail slots with easy-to-read indicator letters, this system can help installers find 16"-on-center studs quickly and accurately. Included on most CertainTeed siding brands, the STUDfinder System helps speed application up to 25%.

2. Patented SuperCorners™ - Offered in three beautiful styles and a variety of colors, SuperCorners feature one-piece construction and rigid foam backing for strength and easy handling. 20' SuperCorners install 50% faster and cost 15% less than multi-part corner systems.

3. Patented Snap-On Lineals - Simply snap the 3-1/2" lineal onto a J-channel to add a beautiful finishing touch around windows and doors. Snap-on lineals cost 50% less, install 25% faster, and add to your bottom line.

4. Patented Corner Block and Rosette - These add a beautiful and authentic touch to corners for windows and doors. Because no miter cuts are required, Corner Blocks provide decorative, finished corners up to 30% faster than finishing with custom-cut lineals.

CertainTeed SuperCorners™

Put Yourself In Their Shoes

By Doug Nyberg, Director Sales Productivity, CertainTeed

As a new addition to Trade Talk, we will be including tips on selling from our Director of Sales Force Productivity, Doug Nyberg. Doug has been selling in the building materials business for over 20 years, the past nine with the CertainTeed Siding Products Group. Doug’s column will provide sales tips for those of us who have sales roles within the building materials business. Doug stresses that while everyone may have his own selling style and may have been selling successfully for years, these short sales tips may be just the one additional piece of knowledge that helps you get that next order. If you have a comment or sales tip that you would like to suggest, click here to let him know.

Doug Nyberg

Know your customer
You may sell or install building materials day-in, day-out, everyday of the week…but the customers you sell to do not. Signing on the dotted line for a new project with your company is a big moment for some customers. They may have been saving for the new addition or remodeling project for years. They may be buying a starter home or their dream home. Whatever the situation, it is important to remember that this is a big decision for the customer.

To make the sale, it is important to think about the product or service you offer from the customers' point of view. Put yourself in their shoes. How would you want to be treated when making a purchase like this? Here are some ideas that may help convey to customers that you appreciate the decision they are struggling with and that their business is important to you:

Sell Yourself First
Especially with new customers, it is important to quickly develop good rapport with them. They need to be comfortable making this buying decision with you. Some ways to accomplish this are:
Look good: You only get one chance to make a first impression.
Smile: Don't you feel better when someone smiles genuinely at you?
Be on time: If you have an appointment, be prompt. If you are going to be delayed, call ahead.

Determine The Customers' True Needs
Ask open-ended questions that cannot be answered with a simple yes or no and that help your customers explain the “Who, What, When, Where and Why” of their project. This will help you provide the “How” to meet the customers' needs. Communicate the customers'
needs back to them to make sure you have understood what they were trying to convey. Ask customers to confirm you are on the right track.

Describe The Process
Let your customers know the exact steps you will take together to help them reach a decision that meets their needs (and, of course, results in a profitable sale for you). From product selection to final payment, lay out a clear path to what customers may expect. This helps eliminate any surprises and greatly reduces any anxiety your customers may have in making the purchase with you.

Ask for the order, deliver a quality job, and make a profitable sale. Putting yourself in your customers' shoes allows you to focus on what is important to them so you make a profit for your company and create satisfied customers who will refer you to prospective clients.

What do you think?

Good luck and good selling!

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