Winter 2003
Celebrating CertainTeed’s Centennial
Our name says it all: Quality Made Certain... Satisfaction Guaranteed.

To help celebrate 100 years of quality building products, CertainTeed is offering special gifts with purchases of Cedar Impressions®, Monogram™, and Vinyl Carpentry™ Soffit and Decorative Trim.

Throughout 2004, contractors and homeowners alike can take part in the celebration.

For Contractors
For every qualifying job (maximum 12 jobs) where you install Cedar Impressions Perfection Shingles, Half-Round Shingles, or Random Hand-Split Shakes; Monogram Siding; or Vinyl Carpentry Soffit and Accessories, you can receive a $100 Savings Bond. To find out which jobs qualify, look for the Centennial Edition Promotion display at your distributor location.

For Homeowners
Homeowners who choose qualifying products will receive a beautiful artist’s rendering of their newly sided home. To encourage homeowners to choose these premium products, CertainTeed has produced a “Centennial Edition” glamour brochure and portfolio. The oversized format and spectacular four-color photography of these high impact sales tools are specially designed for homeowner appeal. They’re sure to set you apart from the competition and make it easier to complete the sale. Contact our Sales Support Group (800-233-8990) or your distributor for copies.

To Finish Right, Start Right

Question: “Which is better: installing new siding over the old, or removing the old siding?”
Answer: “It depends.”

While this question is frequently asked by remodelers, it rarely produces a single answer. Buildings differ, and the differences will determine your installation method. The best approach is to consider the problem in terms of the desired outcome. In the end, the siding must be installed on a smooth, solid surface. Any unevenness in the surface has to be repaired before the new siding can be hung.

Stripping the Old Siding

If the siding you are replacing has deteriorated or panels are missing or severely damaged, you should probably strip off the old siding and level the wall. If the wall is covered with felt paper, either strip the paper off completely or staple or nail it to smooth the surface.

If there is no solid sheathing under the old siding, install a rigid sheathing or an underlayment like wood, wood composition, rigid foam, or fiber sheathing. Make sure the sheathing is fastened securely to the studs, and check to make sure it is watertight. When it is properly installed, vinyl siding sheds water, but it is not waterproof. So flash around windows, doors, corners, pipe and utility openings, etc., so they shed water to the exterior.

Siding over Existing Materials
If the siding is in good shape, you can leave it on. The old siding will provide an extra layer of insulation. You will still need to provide a smooth surface, so nail rigid sheathing securely to the old siding. To bridge low spots in the existing siding, nail the sheathing evenly, with consistent pressure.

Alternately, you can apply vertical furring strips to the old siding. The furring strips will straighten the noticeable surface unevenness. For the best results, space the strips 12" on center and use shims to correct any low spots.

Handling Asbestos Siding
The Vinyl Siding Institute has prepared a set of recommendations for installing vinyl siding over asbestos, but you are strongly encouraged to contact your local EPA officials and consult local building codes before you begin to work around asbestos. If the homeowner wants the asbestos siding removed completely, consult a professionally trained asbestos removal crew. In some jurisdictions, all asbestos removal must be performed by a trained asbestos removal crew.

According to the Vinyl Siding Institute, the preferred method is to apply sheathing over the existing asbestos siding and install the vinyl siding over the sheathing. The sheathing will flatten the wall and retain any breakage of the cement asbestos siding. Make sure your nails are long enough to penetrate through the sheathing and siding and into the wall studs. If the walls still need to be straightened, hang furring strips over the sheathing.

More detailed instructions for installing CertainTeed vinyl siding over existing siding are in the CertainTeed Vinyl Siding Installation Guide, which is available at or from our Sales Support Group, 800-233-8990.

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Insulated Cornerpost Improves
Thermal Envelope

Our new TrueComfort Insulated cornerpost helps keep out the cold and comes in all 12 TrueComfort colors.
Complete Comfort in One Piece

Our new cornerpost for TrueComfort Insulated Siding can keep out the cold and speed installation. As you know, TrueComfort siding can improve the R-Value of a house wall by as much as 22 percent. The new 1-1/4" pocket insulated cornerpost completes this envelope of insulation and contributes to improved R-value and comfort. Also, the custom contoured foam resists damage from impact better than hollow vinyl cornerposts.

Insulated cornerpost can also reduce your installation time. Because the foam is contoured to fit the 1-1/4" pocket, it eliminates the need to cut foam pieces to shim out standard cornerposts.

The 3-1/2" wide cornerpost has the same select cedar finish as True Comfort siding and is available to match all 12 TrueComfort colors, including the newly added Cyprus and Granite Gray.

Ask your distributor for more information about the TrueComfort insulated cornerpost or call CertainTeed Sales Support at 800-233-8990.

Making Your Good Deeds Work for You

You read it all the time: “Homeowners Complain about Shoddy Work.” “Unethical Remodeler Bilks Elderly.” “Public Outcry against Zoning Application.”

Every day, hundreds of thousands of contractors like you deliver good work, in a timely fashion, and at a fair price, yet their reputations are tarnished by a small number of unethical, unskilled people masquerading as skilled contractors. Rather than endure the unfair negative publicity, generate some positive publicity of your own.

The Best Defense . . .
Your best defense against the negative perception is a strong offense. Before you build a ball field for your community, negotiate. Tell the county supervisors you’ll be happy to help as long as there’s a sign that says “Superior Siding Field.” Just building the bleachers? Invest in small plaques or labels that proclaim, “Bleachers Compliments of Two Guys Siding,” and don’t forget to include your phone number. Clean a few miles of roadway every month, and put your name on a highway marker.

You get the picture. No good deed should go unpublicized. And while favorable publicity is certainly not what motivates your contributions, capitalizing on the opportunity makes good business sense.

But I’ll Be Besieged for Hand-Outs
Some contractors are reluctant to publicize their charity because they want to avoid being asked by every school, church, and civic group to help build the next new building, playground, ball field, etc. To avoid the time consuming and sometimes embarrassing problem of having to explain why you can’t help, do what the big corporations do: Prepare a policy, write short statement explaining your policy, and stick to it.

For example, here’s a sample of a standard letter you can adapt for your company.

Thank you for the confidence you have demonstrated in our company by asking us to [fill in the request]. At [your company name], we take our responsibility to the community very seriously, and that is why we often donate our services to community projects. As a matter of fact, every year we contribute our labor and materials to several [or give the number] of charitable endeavors.

Your request certainly has much merit, but we cannot honor it. I’m sure you understand that, like yours, our resources are limited. Deciding which projects to participate in is difficult, and we regret that we often have to turn down worthwhile projects like yours.

I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors.


It’s never easy to say no to people, but if you respond to these requests immediately and sincerely, your professionalism and the obvious concern expressed in a letter like this will certainly make the “no” easier to accept.

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