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Installation Videos - Restoration Millwork

Sometimes it's the little things that make a big difference in creating a distinctive home exterior. Restoration Millwork trim is a subtle finishing touch that brings exterior components together, creating definition and symmetry, while allowing exterior colors, profiles and design elements to take center stage.
Restoration Millwork

Video Duration

Introduction 1:57
Safety 0:28
Storage & Handling 1:00
Cutting 2:23
Expansion & Contraction 0:54
Fastening 3:15
Cortex 1:28
Bonding 2:43
Soffit 1:13
Corners 2:39
Skirtboard 2:40
Windows 2:41
Column Wrap 2:59
Beadboard 1:14
Painting 1:24
Cleaning 0:31
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