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Aren’t all acoustic ceiling panels pretty much the same?

No way! Acoustical ceiling panels are manufactured to satisfy a multitude of technical criteria: sound absorption, sound containment, fire protection, clean-ability, etc. When you couple these technical qualities with all the different aesthetic possibilities, you get an idea of how many important questions must be answered in order to arrive at the appropriate choice for a specific application.

CertainTeed Ceilings offers a variety of functional acoustical ceiling panels that will complement any design. In our Designer Series, the smooth, monolithic Ecophon® products provide a high-end look with superior sound absorption and high recycled content. For a unique look, perforated Gyptone® panels are available in 4 styles and can be used for interesting lighting effects. Our Adagio™ Designer Series ceiling panels is the ultimate product for a private office or music room as it absorbs the right amount of sound while also preventing sound from traveling to the next room.
In the Performance Series range of products, there are many economical and functional panels. Sand Micro™ provides a smooth look and good acoustics. The Symphony® series provides a mineral fiber, fiberglass, and gypsum option so that I room can be “Fine Tuned” to the ideal acoustical performance. Various textures and patterns are available in products such as Baroque™, Cashmere®, Fine Fissured and Open Plan. For specific functionality such as humidity resistance or theater applications, products such as Vinylshield™ A,C and Theatre Black are great options.
Overall, CertainTeed Ceilings can provide a ceiling panel for any aesthetical, acoustical, or functional need
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