our Commitment to Sustainable Manufacturing



Chowchilla, CA • Athens, GA • Kansas City, KS  • Sherman, TX

  • CertainTeed has an ongoing initiative to limit waste and reduce energy consumption at all our insulation plants.
  • CertainTeed manufacturing facilities are switching to high-efficiency fluorescent lamps, which save energy and contain only about one tenth the mercury found in old metal halide lamps.
  • CertainTeed has also initiated new processes that will reduce the amount of natural gas needed for each unit of fiber glass insulation produced, saving energy and reducing carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions.
  • CertainTeed is replacing older manufacturing equipment with new, more efficient machinery, which will significantly reduce energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions.
  • CertainTeed is working with ENERGY STAR to certify our plants as models for energy efficient production.
  • CertainTeed plants use closed-loop water systems that save thousands of gallons of water per year.
  • CertainTeed’s Chowchilla, California plant discharges zero wastewater from its manufacturing process, and has created a flexible demand program to decrease the stress on the California electrical grid.
  • Chowchilla also recycles more than 95% of the waste it generates, diverting more than 10 tons of material from landfills every day.
  • CertainTeed values the safety of our employees, and has won numerous safety awards for our diligence in creating safer work environments.
  • CertainTeed's commitment to quality has ensured the registration of the Athens, Chowchilla and Kansas City plants to ISO 9001; 2008 standards.
  • CertainTeed's commitment to the environment has ensured the registration of the Athens, Chowchilla, and Kansas City plants to ISO 14001; 2004 standards