Choosing the Right Insulation

Are you doing everything you can to make sure your family is completely comfortable?

Because in your home, comfort is not just about a pleasant temperature. It’s about drafts, noise and air quality. It’s also about your energy bills. It’s about all the things insulation can — and should — be helping you control.

Your insulation choice impacts thermal performance as well as moisture management, air tightness and acoustics. It’s important to choose wisely during a home’s construction or renovation, as upgrading later can be difficult and expensive. When your insulation system successfully controls all of the following aspects, you can achieve a higher level of Complete Comfort in your home.

Thermal Performance

Heat always moves toward a cooler area, so to block that movement between the inside and outside of your home, you need a material with good thermal resistance. A material’s R-value is a measure of its thermal resistance – the higher the number, the greater the insulating power.

Your climate zone determines the appropriate R-value you need. CertainTeed offers a complete range of fiberglass and spray foam insulations that work effectively to maintain comfortable, consistent temperatures throughout your home.

Air Tightness

Air will always find its way through every possible gap, no matter how miniscule, between the indoors and outdoors. Sealing air leaks not only stops unpleasant drafts, it also plays a major role in managing temperature, moisture, air pollutants and noise.

CertainTeed has a wide variety of insulation and air barrier products that help ensure that every joint and every potential point of penetration in your home is sealed.

Moisture Management

Controlling the unavoidable moisture that enters your walls – from outside your home when it’s humid and from inside your home when it’s not – is crucial to helping reduce the risk of mold and mildew growth. And when you guard against mold and mildew, you also help ensure a healthier indoor environment for your family and help protect your home against potential damage from rot.

Building and materials science experts at CertainTeed have developed the first and only available insulation and vapor retarder products that adapt to humidity levels and effectively manage the moisture within your walls: MemBrain™.


It’s a noisy world out there. Even inside your home, the sounds from televisions, children playing and plumbing can impact the comfort of others in the house. Insulation helps block disturbing sounds from outside your home, and when installed in your interior walls, it can go a long way in limiting room-to-room noise.

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