Multi-Tank™ is a 250-gallon water tank system that is an integral part of the Multi-Matic™ wall spray machine. However, it can also be adapted for use with other CertainTeed Machine Works machines as a supplemental water source. The heated and insulated stainless steel tank is equipped with corrosion-resistant valves, fittings and strainers, and encloses the pump, pump motor, and supply and fill hoses to prevent freezing. The unit requires a minimum 8000-Watt generator, which can be supplied with Multi-Matic™; an external power hook-up is also provided in the electrical panel.


Technical Information

Height: 63.5" (161 cm) 
Width: 24" (61 cm) 
Depth: 88" (224 cm) 
Weight: 1200 lbs. (544 kg)