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Gold Star Modified Bitumen and Gold Star Liquid- Applied

Program Overview


Gold Star Contractors have earned the highest credential offered by CertainTeed for commercial roofing contractors. You now have the opportunity to select whether you want to be a Gold Star Modified Bitumen Roofing or Gold Star Liquid-Applied Roofing Contractor. Only a limited number of contractors qualify for this prestigious credential. They have been carefully selected by CertainTeed to have an established record of high-quality workmanship, expertise, and reliability.




How to Earn Your Gold Star Commercial Roofing Contractor Credential


  • Carry workers' compensation and liability insurance coverage and be properly licensed according to the regulations in force governing commercial roofing contractors in your market.
  • The company must have been doing business under the current name for no less than 5 years and CertainTeed must have inspected at least three roofing projects (minimum 100 squares in size.)
  • Submit a complete company credit history and be credit-worthy based on CertainTeed's sole determination
  • Have a minimum of $1 million bonding capability or the financial resources to acquire that capability.
  • Must adhere to the code of ethics.