The Standard

The Standard
Marous Brothers Construction
The Standard
Cleveland, OH

5th US Trophy Contestant

Marous Brothers craftsmen spent two years converting a 1920's vintage historical building into a mixed-use property in the heart of downtown Cleveland, OH. This 20 story building once housed the offices of famed Cleveland safety director Eliot Ness and served as a registration site for draftees during World War II and through the 1960s. In Cleveland, there are many historic renovations –and many terracotta buildings that need to be upgraded. The state government and architect determined how this building would look, and the contractors had to update it. There are 281 suites, 195 of which are one-bedrooms.



Key Challenges:

One of the biggest challenges was having to build vertically in a historical building, and bringing it up to modern day fire-code. Historic components of the exteriors needed to be upgraded while retaining a historic feel. The city, state and federal requirements were very stringent. Additionally, the building’s windows had to be replaced with energy efficient windows which open on 16 of the 20 floors. The crew also had to remove 12 passenger elevator shafts and 2 service elevator shafts. The team had to repair recurring plaster star-burst motifs, marble floors and walls that were once part of a two-story bank lobby. Upon entering the building from the W. St. Clair entrance hall to the main lobby, there are decorative plaster ceilings and bronze metal works that needed to be preserved. The crew also had to keep a strict schedule and phasing process to deliver 281 market rate luxury apartments, several community spaces and retail opportunities for their client, Weston Development.




Key Achievements:

The Standard is a clean terracotta-colored building which looks great on the Cleveland skyline. This project was one of the largest rehabs in the city, needing to be upgraded extensively to adhere to modern code, and was completed safely within 21 months.







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