The Case For GlasRoc®

Weather-resistant gypsum sheathing produced with CertainTeed's proprietary Embedded Glass Reinforced Gypsum™ technology.

Designed and engineered to provide added protection against moisture and mold, GlasRoc Shaftliner achieved the best possible score of 10 per ASTM D 3273 for mold resistance.

A water-resistant, gypsum tile backer with embedded glass mats and a textured coated surface for tile applications. The lightweight 1/2" thick product is a superior tile substrate for walls, ceilings and countertops.

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A Single-Source Solution For Glass-Faced Gypsum

Built To Handle Whatever The Construction Environment Throws Our Way

Built with enhanced mold and moisture resistance, this line of glass-faced products is suitable for pre-rock conditions where gypsum board is installed before dry-in.

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