Finish Line Joint Compounds are a ready to use, non-asbestos, vinyl-formation for embedding drywall tape reinforcement, metal and plastic corner beads and other drywall trims over wallboard.

Finish Line Joint Compounds may also be used for filling, applying simple textures, smoothing and finishing coats.

Technical Information

Please visit the Finish Line products page for technical information. 


Please visit the Finish Line products page for application information. 

Warranty Details

Since methods and conditions of application and storage, such as temperature, humidity, and over thinning are beyond our control, CertainTeed Gypsum, Inc. (CertainTeed) will not be responsible for the failure of this product when not used and stored according to directions and specifications and accepted standards of procedure inherent in drywall application; or when reasonable allowance is not made by the user for adverse weather and job conditions.
However, if this product proves to be defective, CertainTeed’s maximum liability shall be limited to replacement of the defective material only or refund of the original purchase price. CertainTeed will not be responsible for any other costs or expenses. These shall be the exclusive warranty and remedies provided by CertainTeed, including without limitation, the implied warranties or merchantability, fitness for use and fitness for a particular purpose. All claims shall be submitted in writing to CertainTeed within thirty days from the date of discovery. State or federal laws may provide rights in addition to this limited warranty that cannot be modified or excluded.


Sustainability Information

All Finish Line Products have been tested and found to be in compliant with the emission standards set by CDPH/CHPS and LEED for Schools for Low-Emitting coatings. Qualified project use of this product and all products bracketed under this test are eligible for credits in each of the CHPS and LEED for Schools sustainability programs. Please visit the Finish Line website to view our Green Certificate provided by MAS Certified Green.

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