All building products are not created equal. CertainTeed Gypsum offers a wide range of solutions designed to make your installations easier and more efficient, as well as the technical support to help you through the toughest jobsite challenges.

Our drywall products are engineered to ensure walls and ceilings install quickly and perform their best over the long haul, saving you valuable labor time and reducing costly callbacks.

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Drywall Solutions

GlasRoc® Tile Backer is a wall and ceiling tile substrate. Its paperless tile backer board provides increased mold resistance, so it’s well-suited for tile and non-tile installations in wet and non-wet applications, areas of high humidity, and for fire-rated assemblies.

SilentFX® QuickCut™ noise-reducing drywall features a viscoelastic polymer between two specially formulated dense gypsum cores helping you achieve installations that meet the acoustical needs of your customers.

We offer a range of specially formulated drywall solutions for applications that require high-performance impact and abuse resistance, including products that offer the added benefits of fire resistance, acoustic control and moisture control.

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CertainTeed Type X fire resistant drywall is an interior gypsum board consisting of a solid set, fire resistive, Type X gypsum core enclosed in ivory-colored face paper and a strong liner back paper.

Our GlasRoc® family offers gypsum panels with high-performance protection features: from strong, flexible Exterior Sheathing to fire- and moisture-resistant Shaftliner, and superior finishing Interior Drywall to water- and moisture-resistant Tile Backer.

Get the sustainability information you need to make smarter, more informed building product choices that meet your customers’ demands.

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Architect or engineer, builder or contractor: learn exactly what you need to know—from essential fire and sound rating info to construction details.



Every two years project finalists from across the United States and Canada share stories of the projects that define our landscape and celebrate the talented contractors who make them possible. Every project has a story, and it is our honor to celebrate the best and the brightest in the gypsum industry at the CertainTeed Gypsum Trophy.

Industry Solutions

Design firm GGLO LLC created a plan for a 16-level building with 20,000 square feet of retail, parking and residential space. The project followed sustainable building and design practices, incorporating a variety of green building components in its quest for LEED® Gold certification.

High-performance building materials that soften the harsh noises of the outside world, support indoor air quality and stand up to high-volume traffic are among the tools available to improve the guest experience.

In well-designed educational spaces, students and teachers communicate more effectively, student scores trend higher and there is better retention of quality teachers and staff.

The physical environment of a healthcare facility plays a vital role in determining patient outcomes. In a well-designed space, doctors and nurses make better decisions, the quality of care improves and patients recover more quickly.

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