All buildings are not created equal. CertainTeed Gypsum offers a wide range of products and services to help ensure your walls and ceilings perform their best and are built to last.

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Drywall Solutions

Diamondback is a water-resistant, gypsum tile backer with embedded glass mats and a textured coated surface for tile applications. The lightweight 1/2" thick product is a superior tile substrate for walls, ceilings and countertops.

SilentFX® QuickCut™ noise-reducing drywall features a viscoelastic polymer between two specially formulated dense gypsum cores significantly improves sound attenuation and is ideal for systems requiring high STC performance.

The NO-COAT® Structural Laminate (SLAM®) design represents a revolutionary drywall corner system that provides superior strength and durability, installs faster, and delivers bottom line savings in labor.

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CertainTeed Type X fire resistant drywall is an interior gypsum board consisting of a solid set, fire resistive, Type X gypsum core enclosed in ivory-colored face paper and a strong liner back paper.

Weather-resistant gypsum sheathing produced with CertainTeed's proprietary Embedded Glass Reinforced Gypsum™ technology.

Make smarter, more sustainable choices from the start. Learn more about CertainTeed Gypsum's approach to Sustainability.

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Industry Solutions

Design firm GGLO LLC created a plan for a 16-level building with 20,000 square feet of retail, parking and residential space. The project followed sustainable building and design practices, incorporating a variety of green building components in its quest for LEED® Gold certification.

High-performance building materials that soften the harsh noises of the outside world, support indoor air quality and stand up to high-volume traffic are among the tools available to improve the guest experience.

In well-designed educational spaces, students and teachers communicate more effectively, student scores trend higher and there is better retention of quality teachers and staff.

The physical environment of a healthcare facility plays a vital role in determining patient outcomes. In a well-designed space, doctors and nurses make better decisions, the quality of care improves and patients recover more quickly.

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