All buildings are not created equal. CertainTeed Gypsum offers a wide range of products and services to help ensure your walls and ceilings perform their best and are built to last.


The physical environment of a healthcare facility plays a vital role in determining patient outcomes. In a well-designed space, doctors and nurses make better decisions, the quality of care improves and patients recover more quickly.

In well-designed educational spaces, students and teachers communicate more effectively, student scores trend higher and there is better retention of quality teachers and staff. Moreover, well-designed schools have a positive impact on the communities they serve.

High-performance building materials that soften the harsh noises of the outside world, support indoor air quality and stand up to high-volume traffic are among the tools available to improve the guest experience.

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Dampen sound energy and significantly improve sound attenuation through walls and ceilings with SilentFX QuickCut Drywall.

AirRenew Gypsum Boards actively absorb airborne formaldehyde improving indoor air quality long term.

For areas prone to abrasion and indentation, Extreme Abuse increases the longevity of the space.

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Specially formulated for moisture resistance. View the complete GlasRoc® product line, which includes high-performance exterior sheathing, shaftliner, Diamondback® Tile Backer, and GlasRoc® Interior.

A high performance, water-resistant gypsum board available in Type X, Diamondback is the superior tile substrate for walls, ceilings, and countertops.

Provides extra durable drywall corners that withstand severe impacts and settling. Won’t blister or bubble.

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