CertainTeed Drywall Corners

CertainTeed Corners

The NO-COAT® Structural Laminate (SLAM®) design represents a revolutionary drywall corner system that provides superior strength and durability, installs faster, and delivers bottom line savings in labor.

NO-COAT® PRO is the first and only automated system for custom cutting corners of any length or angle. Its lightweight portability makes it easy to move on the jobsite.

Water-activated AquaBead® offers fast, easy installation and outstanding performance, every time. Perforations allow compound to adhere to the drywall surface.

LEVELLINE® corners are easy to handle and install, better than metal – no memory, less waste, less dents, no rust – creating crisp, straight corners.

Hear what our customers say:

"The NO-COAT PRO machine is absolutely a time saver and a money saver... we can put up the same amount of footage as metal bead in about a third of the time. It helps us meet deadlines that would be near impossible to meet if we were using other products." - Robert Perry

"It's more efficient, it cuts down on cost, gives better productivity, cuts down the fatigue of the men which gives us a better safety record in the long run and it's a superior product to what we usually use. Less go-backs and just an all-around good product to be using." - Richard Foux, Drywall Finishing Foreman

"On the menu you could actually set it to Spanish so I was actually able to teach some of the Spanish guys here. I just set it to Spanish and they could just go from there. It was actually very easy. It is very unique. I haven't seen that before." - Michael Caron, Drywall Finisher

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