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1. Enter your square footage

Enter the square footage of the area where you're installing drywall.

Measure the distance from floor to ceiling for height and corner to corner for width. Do not subtract for openings like doors, windows or outlets. Round up if necessary.

2. Drywall & Materials Recommendations

2. Drywall & Materials Recommendations

Showing results for 1000 square feet in all CertainTeed drywall panel sizes.

For a 4’X 8’ Panel -    panels [  square feet]

For a 4’X 9’ Panel -    panels [  square feet]

For a 4’X 10’ Panel -   panels [  square feet]

For a 4’X 12’ Panel -   panels [  square feet]


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Use Of This Tool


Ready to start your drywall project?

Use this tool to estimate the quantity of gypsum panels, compound, joint tape and fasteners you need for your project. Remember that these estimates can vary depending on tools, application methods and jobsite conditions.