Building Responsibly™, sustainability is part of everything we do.

As a member of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), CertainTeed Ceilings is a leader in the effort to provide solutions that promote sustainable design. We incorporate sustainability at every step - from the product’s raw material content to how it’s handled through manufacturing and shipping, as well as through the product life cycle. That means products that incorporate one of the highest concentrations of recycled content in the industry, plants that continually strive to minimize waste and smarter logistics that minimize transportation needs.

Sustainability Resources

Search and evaluate products based on environmental characteristics, process LEED letters and access documentation required for project submittals.

Ecological transparency with Health Product Declarations (HPDs). Transparency with Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) .

The SmartBIM tool featuring ecoScorecard is a plug-in for use with Autodesk Revit® 2012 and Trimble SketchUp®. The tool embeds all of the environmental data included in ecoScorecard into the product’s BIM object, allowing architects and designers to search, select and download product models by keyword, name or CSI section in a few simple steps.

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Sustainable Quick Links


View our industry's first Health Product Declarations (HPDs) and Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs)!


LEEDv4 rewards designers and builders for selecting products that have EPDs and HPDs.

Search and evaluate products based on environmental characteristics, process LEED letters and access documentation required for project submittals.

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Recycling Program

CertainTeed Ceilings operates a program to reclaim and recycle old ceiling panels, effectively closing the loop on a product's life cycle. Recycling ceiling material offers several environmental benefits, including a reduction in landfill waste, increased post-consumer recycled content/reduced virgin raw material usage and efficiencies in manufacturing, saving energy and resources. Another benefit to recycling is reduced landfill deposit fees.

Recycling ceiling panels can also contribute to LEED under the LEED Material and Resources, Construction Waste Management credit. CertainTeed will even accept panels manufactured by other reputable companies as long as they meet specific standards for condition, content, and surface treatment. Download eligibility guidelines and program procedures.


GreenCircle certification provides a third party verification and assurance to builders, regulators and consumers that products labeled with the GreenCircle mark have undergone a rigorous audit process that verifies compliance with the environmental and sustainability claims of the manufacturers. To date a number of CertainTeed siding, insulation and ceiling products have received this certification.

The "Swan" is the official Nordic eco-label, introduced by the Nordic Council of Ministers. In Sweden, the Swan label is managed by SIS Eco-labeling, a non-profit organization, commissioned by the Swedish government and parliament. A product carrying The Nordic Swan Eco-label meets extremely high environmental standards. Most Ecophon products have been granted this eco-label.

CHPS is leading a national movement to improve student performance and the entire educational experience by building the best possible schools. The mission of the Collaborative for High Performance Schools is to facilitate the design, construction and operation of high performance schools: environments that are not only energy and resource efficient, but also healthy, comfortable, well lit, and containing the amenities for a quality education.

CertainTeed understands the importance of building high performance schools and offers products specifically designed to meet the acoustical and durability needs of educational environment.

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