Ceiling Design for Healthcare

Ceilings affect positive medical outcomes in healthcare spaces

Ceilings play multiple roles in ensuring the comfort and well being of staff and patients in healing environments. In addition to their impact on the overall aesthetic, ceilings are integral to controlling noise, maintaining Indoor Air Quality and influencing lighting and energy use. CertainTeed provides endless creative solutions that balance all of the functions ceilings perform in healthcare spaces.

Acoustics that promote healing

Nowhere is it more important to reduce noise and stress than in healthcare facilities. Stressed out patients can’t rest or heal. Stressed out doctors and nurses make mistakes, suffer from burnout, and end up getting sick themselves. Creating low-noise, low-stress healthcare environments that allow patients to rest and heal while enabling practitioners to work better is easier with CertainTeed acoustic ceilings solutions.

Providing the benefits that matter most to patients, caregivers and families

High noise levels in healthcare environments have been shown to increase the likelihood of medical errors by critical care personnel. Sound-absorbing products allow doctors and patients to communicate, and a quieter environment makes it easier for professionals think clearly when making life or death decisions.

Research has shown that patients exposed to continuous noise experience anxiety, elevated blood pressure, memory alteration, increased agitation, less pain tolerance and even increased cholesterol. Beyond regulatory and code requirements for acoustic controls, a well-designed acoustical environment can improve overall patient healing.


Healthy product choices are paramount for healthcare spaces. CertainTeed provides numerous low-VOC product options and ensures transparency with HPDs and EPDs available on many products. Moisture resistant products also support healthy environments by minimizing the threat of mold exposure.

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Product Spotlight: Rx Symphony Panels

Video demonstration of the scrubbable surface, stain resistance, and water repellency of the high-performance RX Symphony acoustic panels for healthcare and food service spaces.

High levels of sound absorption keep rooms calm and restful for patients, while high sound blocking ensures health-related conversation remains private. Cleanable surfaces and high light reflectance reduce replacement and energy use.

Ceiling solutions must withstand a rigorous hospital cleaning regimen and meet ISO class 4 standards for clean room components as well as provide sound absorption and blocking.

Sound absorption achieved through a combination of ceiling and wall products facilitates a calming atmosphere for patients and families in potentially stressful situations.

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High acoustic performance including both sound absorption and blocking is important to keep extraneous noise confined to the corridor, while high light reflectance maximizes the effects of lighting in often windowless areas.

In addition to VOC-compliance, exceptional sound absorption is required to counteract the high concentration of medical equipment and protect the health of tiny patients. Cleanability is also an important feature.

Large open spaces require special attention to reducing reverberation. Like most highprofile healthcare spaces, design impact and Indoor Air Quality are also key.

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Sustainability information and documentation for your healthcare pro

Find sustainable ceilings products for your healthcare project based on environmental characteristics, process LEED letters, and access documentation required for project submittals through EcoScorecard.

LEED v4 rewards designers and builders for selecting products with Health Product Declarations and Environmental Product Declarations. Access our transparency documents for your project.

The SmartBIM tool embeds all of the environmental data included in ecoScorecard into the product’s BIM object, allowing you to search, select and download product models by keyword, name or CSI section in a few simple steps.

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