Ecophon: a sound effect on people

Ecophon is not just about innovative products, it’s about the knowledge behind them

Every school child deserves to hear and understand their teacher. Every patient should be spared a stressful sound environment. Every office worker should be able to concentrate on their tasks. Everyone deserves to keep their hearing, and no one should have to risk their safety due to a noisy work environment. Our mission is to contribute to a good working environment for the eye, the ear and the mind, wherever people need to work and communicate.


Certainteed is the exclusive North American source for Ecophon ceiling products

Improving the classroom

Students spend roughly 1,200 hours in the classroom every year. That’s nearly 16,000 hours in the course of the average K-12 education. For teachers, whose careers may last 30 years or more, that figure is more than doubled. Studies have consistently proven that poor sound absorption is linked to impaired learning and high occupation stress. Installing an acoustic ceiling of the best sound absorption class makes life healthier, more pleasant and effective, and reduces social costs as more students meet learning goals. Staff absenteeism also decreases.

More effective offices

Communication is vital in the open plan office, but so is the need to concentrate and work without disruptions. Studies demonstrate that positive sounds come from people sitting close to the listener while speech from people sitting further away in the office is nearly always perceived as disruption. It is important when designing an open plan office to consider how far human voices carry. The right sound absorbers in the right place and the right quantity make the office more effective and more comfortable to work in.

Making healthcare more human

If the acoustic environment of a hospital is well designed, patients sleep and rest better, while staff can more easily hear signals and voices and can therefore take action faster. Studies have shown that less stress reduces admission hours. An effective acoustic environment is an extremely profitable investment, calculated on the number of admission hours, round the clock.

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