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CertainTeed Building Science

Better Building Through Science

We measure performance where your clients live and work…at the intersection of form and function.

CertainTeed’s Building Science expertise focuses on function at the core of the building envelope and how improving performance within the structure works to enhance energy efficiency, safety, comfort and control.

It starts with understanding the balance the building needs between the four main elements driving its design:

  • The Building Envelope,
  • The Mechanical Systems
  • The Building Occupants; and
  • The Outside Environment

CertainTeed Building Science has compiled best practices with regard to design and physics to help you understand residential and commercial construction materials and techniques, how to recognize problems, and solutions for these problems. CertainTeed can guide you through the processes of building design, code compliance and material selection. CertainTeed’s Building Science experts also have extensive backgrounds in building forensics.

Search our videos, articles, white papers, educational presentations and literature to learn about:

  • The dynamics of heat flow
  • Heat transfer and thermal properties of building materials
  • Air flow and controlling air leakage
  • Moisture flow mechanisms
  • Acoustical performance and sound absorption
  • Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ)
  • Fire performance

Please visit the Building Science topic areas for more information.