QuickSpan™ Saves Contractor 33% On Labor Costs

“It’s just snap and go – that’s it – it’s just simple.” – Jim Lanave, Owner, Jalan Construction


Convincing contractors to try a new product is always a challenge, but CertainTeed Ceilings’ commitment to partnership and problem-solving helped long-term customer Jalan Construction make the move to QuickSpan™ Locking Drywall Grid for a recent project.

The Sheridan is a new senior assisted living center in Birmingham, MI that required 47,000 square feet of drywall grid. Many of their work areas, especially the Memory Care Unit, were smaller spaces – making them a good match for this particular product because it can span 9 feet without a hanger wire. CertainTeed Grid Specialist Bryan Neubeker traveled to consult with the contractor during materials selection, offering expert grid demonstrations as well as tips and tricks for installation to help guide them in their decision-making. Sales Rep Pat Szuba then talked with the owner about why they should consider making the switch to QuickSpan. 

“When I introduce any contractor to a new product, I like to take the time to explain how it works and what benefits it offers,” says Pat. “With QuickSpan, they saw the labor savings and how great of a product it was very early in the conversation. Any time you can save money on labor – this is one area contractors are looking to improve on as it is a huge advantage.”

For Jim Lanave, owner of Jalan Construction, the labor savings from choosing QuickSpan amounted to 33% and he also gained one and a half weeks in installation time. He used the product in about half of The Sheridan’s grid installations, mostly on the main floor where the Memory Care Unit was located but also in the fourth floor hallway installations.

“Any time we could use QuickSpan we did, just because it’s so much faster,” says Jim. “And the guys loved it because they didn’t have to get up into the deck and run hanger wires. It’s just great stuff.”

QuickSpan offers some of the longest unsupported spans in the industry and is available in standard or custom lengths. It also has factory-spaced tabs, an audible click, heavy-duty construction and a locking mechanism that prevents movement – all reasons why Jim has continued using it on his floating drywall ceilings and on any intersections that are less than 10 foot by 10 foot.

Jim also says that the product has a simple and straightforward design that his employees like and can install accurately, which he appreciates as an owner and project manager. Happy installers and cost savings, says Jim, are all he needs.