Case Study: Spec Change Saves Contractor Schedule


The expectation of speed in building construction today means deadlines are a constant challenge for installers.  In the case of science and tech company EMD Performance Materials’ headquarters, a tighter-than-usual project timeline placed high installation demands on the contractor team. Fortunately, a change in specification brought on a ceiling product with out-of-the box hardware and templates that helped installers use methods to keep the project on pace rather than miss deadlines. 

  • PROJECT: EMD Performance Materials headquarters
  • ARCHITECT: Herbst-Musciano, LLC
  • DESIGNER: HF Planners
  • SUBCONTRACTOR: Blasz Construction
  • LOCATION: 1200 Intrepid Avenue, The Navy Yard, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • SIZE: 21,000 square feet
  • PRODUCTS: Ecophon® Solo™ Clouds, Symphony® f, Symphony® m Rx