As building codes become stricter and more complex with respect to airtightness, contractors and builders require better, more effective solutions. CertaSeal INTTM achieves airtightness requirements for the life of the home – and helps limit air exchange long term. It also improves energy efficiency, indoor air quality and acoustical comfort for homeowners.

CertaSeal INT™ is a spray applied, fast-drying water-based premixed acrylic latex sealant, intended for air sealing penetrations and joints in residential building envelope and stud/drywall interfaces.

Easy Application

CertaSeal INT can be installed with a standard paint sprayer with a single-pass application to fill any void, crack or penetration in a residential building envelope.  Minimal training is required to get started – if you can use a paint sprayer, you can install it.  The bright blue color provides easy visibility to help you ensure that all intended areas are covered.

Superior Performance

Excellent wood adhesion means it will stay in place when the drywall is installed over it.  CertaSeal INT is Class A fire rated, and requires no special PPE or supplied air because there are no VOCs.  This means that other trades can be working at the same time that CertaSeal is being applied.    This product dries quickly, allowing drywall work to be completed within 24 hours of installation, and it can be installed in a wide range of temperatures.

Where to use CertaSeal INT:

  • Exterior Walls – top and bottom sills, as well as any joints where air can penetrate
  • Attics – where the drywall meets the joists
  • Duct boots - where it meets the drywall
  • Around recessed lighting
  • Around pipes on exterior walls
  • Band joists

How to Apply CertaSeal INT Sealant

CertaSeal INT™ from CertainTeed is a spray-applied, water-based acrylic latex sealant that is quick and easy to install and requires minimal personal protection equipment.

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