Floor Insulation

A Big Difference to the Comfort of your Home

It’s an important way to turn your home into the quiet oasis you deserve. CertainTeed products are perfect to help block noise in existing floors, during renovation or during construction. Choose insulation that works in floor joists and even subfloor. Insulation should always fit flush with your floors where possible to provide the best sound control.


These pre-cut fiberglass batts and rolls, made from renewable and recycled materials, provide sound blocking performance to your floors, ensuring unwanted noise doesn’t travel.

This premium blown-in loose fill fiberglass insulation is specifically designed to be blown into closed cavities like floors and mid floors to help reduce the transfer of unwanted noise.

This fully encapsulated insulation is easy to handle and requires little clean-up making it a perfect solution for your attic. Unfaced EasyTouch is class A fire rated, and especially useful for re-insulation.

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