Exterior Wall Insulation

For the Outside Facing Walls of Your Home

Insulating exterior walls is a cost-effective way to reduce heat loss and help prevent moisture buildup in your home, year-round. As these walls are your home’s first line of defense, it’s important that the insulation you use accounts for all of the changing weather conditions outside. For a comfortable home, choose insulation that is airtight, has efficient thermal and acoustical performance, and manages moisture.


This premium blown-in loose fill fiberglass insulation is specially designed for closed cavity wall applications. Nothing installs easier or performs better than OPTIMA.

MEMBRAIN is a continuous air barrier and smart vapor retarder that is installed over unfaced insulation. It intelligently manages moisture in the wall cavity and helps prevent the risk of potentially dangerous mold growth.

These fiberglass batts, made with renewable and recycled materials, provide high performance thermal and acoustical protection. They fit easily between wood or metal studs for easy installation.

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