CertainTeed has insulation products designed to provide Complete Comfort and a clear path to code compliance.

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You've never seen a beach on fire because sand doesn't burn. Neither does fiber glass - because it's made from sand.

An extra measure of fire safety is a great feature in any single-family home. CertainTeed's fiber glass insulation products are a great choice for fire safety. They're naturally noncombustable and have Class A fire safety ratings - plus, they're more economical than mineral wool.

Are you building "moisture sandwiches?" Water vapor that seeps into wall cavities can get trapped, precipitating all kinds of potential problems. Mold, mildew and wood rot can take hold and lead to expensive repairs and unhappy homeowners.

CertainTeed incorperates its exclusive MoistureSenseTM Technology into both a kraft-faced batt and a product that doubles as an air barrier and smart vapor retarder.

A home can be cozy, energy efficient and draft free, but if it's noisy, if it lets in the sounds of traffic, lawn care and passing aircraft, it's not really comfortable, and its occupants won't be entirely happy. Insulation can help block disturbing outdoor noises, and when added to interior walls, it can create a quieter environment.

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At CertainTeed, we are committed to the success of your business, and this resource shows the extent to which we go. Discover all we have to offer, including marketing materials and jobsite, showroom and technical support.

Help your residential customers choose the right insulation products for their home with our online Insulation Selection Tool. It's the perfect way to start the conversation, and we'll even customize it with your logo.

Loyalty has its rewards. Residential builders using multiple CertainTeed products on a project earn rebates through our loyalty programs. It's easy to join, easy to collect.

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