Air Tightness

Controlling Air Tightness

Air tightness affects the entire building envelope and plays a major role in successfully managing heat, moisture and sound.

Create a Tighter Envelope

CertainTeed’s Revolutionary MemBrain™ Continuous Air Barrier & Smart Vapor Retarder leverages the industry’s most advanced technology so you don’t have to choose between superior air tightness and permeability. It revolutionizes air and moisture management and meets the most forward-looking IECC codes for air barrier protection.

Achieve Continuity

FLOORS, WALLS AND CEILINGS are actually the largest source of a home's air leakage, accounting for more than twice as much leakage as windows and doors combined.

Air constantly moves from high to low pressure, finding every penetration into and out of a home, which is why proper air sealing is crucial to create a continuous seal at all joints and penetrations. MemBrain provides continuous air barrier protection.