At CertainTeed, we believe in a higher level of comfort. We believe in Complete Comfort, where your insulation system successfully controls thermal performance, air tightness, moisture management, and acoustics. That’s why we offer the most complete line of insulation products that work together to ensure every building achieves Complete Comfort.


Sealing air leaks stops unpleasant drafts and noise, while helping ensure thermal performance.

Highly efficient Insulation helps save on energy bills and create a more comfortable living space.

Acoustics play an important role in a home’s overall comfort. Insulation helps block disturbing noise.

An effective vapor retarder reduces the risk of mold and mildew, improving air quality and reducing risk of costly damage from rot.


SMARTBATT Insulation with MoistureSense™ technology intelligently manages moisture, helping reduce risk for mold and mildew

MemBrain Continuous Air Barrier helps prevent mold and mildew by providing air tightness and moisture management.

CertaSpray® X can be used in attics and crawl spaces without the need for an ignition barrier or additional intumescent coating.

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Fiber Glass Insulation delivers long-lasting energy efficiency and thermal performance for quiet and comfortable spaces.

Designed to eliminate uncontrolled air leakages, CertaSpray® Spray Foam Insulation expands to fill voids and cracks to minimize air movement.

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Creating healthier indoor living environments with innovative moisture management and mold inhibiting products.

Thermal and acoustic insulation specific to Mechanical and Industrial applications delivering outstanding occupant comfort.

Insulation equipment built to perform with the same Unisul quality you’ve relied on for 80 years.

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Save money with the many rebates and incentives offered by utility and government agencies. Find out what’s available to you.

Upgrading your home’s insulation can make a real difference in heating and cooling bill. Find out how much you can save.

How much insulation do you need? The Insulation Calculator will provide recommended R-values and products based on your project.

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