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Adding Solar Panels to an Existing Low-Slope Commercial Roof

Are you the owner or property manager of a building with a flat roof who is looking to add the value of rooftop solar? Don't let the age of your commercial roof stand in the way of going solar! With our combination of Solstice® solar systems and SmartCoat™ roof restoration coatings, you can soon be on your way to a smart, sustainable, and tax-friendly future.

Commercial rooftop solar has many benefits, but what is an ideal way to ‘go solar’ when you have an aging flat roof? Fortunately, our SMARTCOAT liquid-applied coatings can rejuvenate almost any existing roof substrate and offers the opportunity to align 25-year warranties for both the restored low-slope roof and a new Solstice rack-and-panel rooftop solar system*.  

About SmartCoat
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SMARTCOAT liquid-applied roof restoration systems are commercial roofing products that can be utilized to extend the life of your existing roof while avoiding the expense and waste of roof tear off, disposal, and replacement.

When it comes to compatibility with different roofs for commercial buildings, SMARTCOAT can be used with metal, EPDM, PVC, TPO, and numerous types of asphalt roofs (e.g. built up roofing systems, torch-applied modified bitumen roofing, self-adhered roofing – also known as ‘peel and stick roofing’).  

Click here for more information on SMARTCOAT products and restoration options.

About Solstice

Incredibly versatile and energy-efficient, our Solstice solar systems offer an impressive variety of solar modules to choose from – including numerous models that are assembled domestically in California. Further system options include the choice of inverters or micro-inverters to convert DC to AC power and manage the operation of the system.

Plus, for those wondering ‘Do solar panels damage your roof? ‘, Solstice features a state-of-the-art flashing system that weatherproofs all mounting system fastener roof penetrations for greater peace of mind.

Click here for more information on Solstice solar systems. 

Two Eco-Friendly Systems, One Proven Manufacturer, Zero "Finger-Pointing"
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Scott Hepler

SMARTCOAT systems can be used to comply
with leading cool roof and green building standards.

In choosing this combination of high-quality systems, you are offered several eco and financial advantages in addition to the sustainable generation of energy from a Solstice system.

Restoring a roof with SMARTCOAT lets you avoid the expense and waste of roof tear off, disposal, and replacement – plus, SMARTCOAT coatings are highly-reflective, providing cool roof performance compliant with established LA County Title-31 and California Title-24, Part 6, standards.

Further, there is a financially beneficial tax law that allows roof restorations to be fully depreciated in year one!

Not only do our SMARTCOAT warranty terms allow for the installation of a Solstice system without compromising coverage, you can also avoid any concerns of warranty finger pointing in case of any product or performance issues. This is because we back both the solar and roof systems. That’s a unique advantage – simply put, no other manufacturer offers a comprehensive commercial roofing and solar warranty solution.

Taking Next Steps

Before you take the steps toward adding a solar roof to your commercial building, you likely have many questions about how it all comes together: Is my roof a viable candidate for roof coatings? What products are the right fit for your building?  What will a commercial solar installation cost? How can I estimate my energy savings?

We have helpful articles, proven installers, and CertainTeed technical experts available to assist you! 

How do Solar Panels Work?

For a look at how solar panels work, check out our article: SOLAR 101: HOW SOLAR ENERGY WORKS (STEP BY STEP)

Can My Roof Be Restored? 
The substrate and existing membrane must be sound down to and including the deck and below, or be able to be made sound in all areas where the coating is applied.  As a general rule, if no more than 20 percent of the roof needs to be replaced with a compatible membrane to what is in existence, then it is a good candidate for a coatings restoration.  

Can I Install Solar Panels If I Have a Steep-Slope Roof?
While SMARTCOAT is only designed for use on flat roofs, Solstice systems can be installed on both low-slope and steep-slope roofs. You can also consider an integrated solar roof with CertainTeed solar shingles and solar panels by visiting our Solar product pages. 

Where can I go to Find out About the Price/Process of Installing Solar, Coating my Existing Roof, Etc.?

For information related to your specific project, such as cost estimates and roofing installation timelines, contact a local CertainTeed-credentialed contractor using our Find A Pro tool.

For technical questions on SMARTCOAT and Solstice systems, contact CertainTeed Commercial Roofing Technical Services at 1-800-396-8134 ext. 2 or via email at

* 25-year SMARTCOAT restoration warranties available to select SMARTCOAT Approved Contractors; 25-year Solstice workmanship and system component warranties available through credentialed CertainTeed Solar Installers.