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CertainTeed corporate headquarters in Malvern, PA

CertainTeed® Roofing Shingles on Top

Malvern, PA – (March 18, 2024) In an article titled The 9 Best Roofing Shingles Brands of 2024, home advice website has ranked three of our roofing shingle products—and their warranties—as the top choices in affordable, mid-level, and high-end options.

Tony Carrick writes that CertainTeed “has a reputation for making some of the highest-quality shingles on the market” with a “broad range of different asphalt roofing shingles.”
The praise-earning picks were Landmark®, Presidential Shake®, and Carriage House®. 

“Its line of roofing products includes its affordably priced three-tab XT 25 shingles; its mid-level Landmark laminated architectural roof shingles; and the high-end Presidential Shake, Carriage House, Belmont, and Grand Manor product lines,” writes Tony. “CertainTeed’s Landmark line is both class A fire- and algae-resistant with multi layers to ensure durability. The company’s design options are also diverse, ranging from Slate to Shake to classic three-tab, and it boasts one of the best guarantees in the business with warranties on its products that range from 20 years to lifetime limited.”


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