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An aerial view of a brick home with Landmark ClimateFlex in Colonial Slate.

CertainTeed Announces Regional Expansion of Landmark® ClimateFlex® Across U.S. and Canada


The all-weather performance residential shingle line combines the beauty of wood shake roofing with the durable performance of polymer-modified asphalt

(MALVERN, PA) — Today, CertainTeed, a leading North American manufacturer of sustainable building materials, is excited to announce it has expanded availability of Landmark® ClimateFlex® the durable, all-weather performance shingle from its Landmark product family. The expansion includes the North Central, East Central and Lake Central regions, as well as parts of Canada, Including Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta, and Saskatchewan. This expansion follows a successful regional launch across the South Central and Central regions, and meets the growing demand for all-weathered roofs as extreme weather conditions continue to rise.

Landmark ClimateFlex improves upon CertainTeed’s popular Landmark brand and incorporates ClimateFlex technology blended into the shingle, which creates a tough and flexible product for long-lasting performance against the elements. Featuring the latest advances in polymer science, CertainTeed’s ClimateFlex technology works at a molecular level to make shingles strong and pliable. The rubber-like qualities of the ClimateFlex asphalt formula provides each shingle with improved hail resistance, cold-weather flexibility, and granule adhesion to protect a home year-round in any climate.

“With the rise in extreme weather throughout the country, there is a greater need for durable roofing solutions that provide peace of mind, while still maintaining an aesthetically pleasing look,” said James White, Senior Product Manager. “The Landmark ClimateFlex portfolio allows consumers to enhance their curb appeal while also providing a durable, reinforced layer of protection from hail and other elements.”

This shingle is appealing to both homeowners and contractors alike. For homeowners, the Class 4 Impact resistance provides peace of mind and greater protection from hail, while offering long-term value over the life of the roof. For contractors, the cold-weather application makes it easier to handle as it remains flat in cold weather. Additionally, the polymer-blended asphalt allows for deeper embedded granules causing less shingle degradation, therefore maintaining better function and leak protection over time.

With Landmark ClimateFlex, homeowners achieve the curb appeal of designer roofing with the beauty of wood shake combined with the protective resilience of polymer-modified asphalt. These shingles provide outstanding durability while pairing strength with style. The two-piece laminated fiberglass-based construction is available in classic shades and dimensionality of natural wood or slate including six colorways: Burnt Sienna, Heather Blend, Moire Black, Resawn Shake, Colonial Slate, and Weathered Wood.

Manufactured to the highest roofing quality standards and backed by the industry’s best warranty, ClimateFlex features the below roofing technologies that help build better, safer and more comfortable homes: 

  • NailTrak® wide nailing area removes the guesswork with three separately defined lines, presenting a large area to guide nailing and a smaller area for extreme steep-slope applications. 
  • Quadra-Bond® is a specially formulated adhesive that laminates shingle layers at an industry-leading four points for superior resistance to delamination. 
  • StreakFighter technology is copper-infused surface granules that possess natural anti-algae properties to help roofs maintain their beauty and original color. 
  • CertaSeal®, a fast-activating modified asphalt sealant, designed to seal shingles together upon installation, protecting roofs from wind uplift and shingle blow-off so that homes stay safe and dry. 

Check with your local distributor for availability. For more information about CertainTeed’s Landmark ClimateFlex series, visit


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