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CertainTeed is dedicated to our purpose of making the world a better home. As part of Saint-Gobain, the worldwide leader in light and sustainable construction, we are leading the conversation and driving bold progress toward a more sustainable built environment.

Constructing a Sustainable Future


The construction sector plays a significant role in our world, utilizing 50% of our natural resources and contributing to 37% of CO2 emissions. This industry stands at the crossroads of several pressing challenges, such as the dwindling availability of resources, climate change, the energy crisis, rapid urbanization, and population growth. 

We know that a more sustainable future necessitates a novel approach to manufacturing and construction, and we’re at the forefront of driving transformative change. However, this endeavor demands commitment across the entire value chain. True transformation can only be achieved by keeping a comprehensive perspective on the environmental impact of buildings throughout their entire lifecycle—from inception to deconstruction—and by implementing known solutions or innovating new ones. The importance of this mission is crystal clear: all in our industry must communicate, create, and accelerate science-based efforts to push boundaries and redefine success.

Taking Action to Achieve Net-Zero by 2050


Managing climate change means decarbonizing our built environment. The goal is simple: by 2050 we must not emit more carbon that we absorb. We must be carbon neutral. As part of Saint-Gobain, we are measuring the carbon impact of our activities, and taking action to build better while emitting less carbon, including redesigned formulations, modernized processes, lighter products, and optimized logistics. 


Scope 1

Greenhouse gas emissions generated directly by our owned and controlled assets, including manufacturing operations and vehicles.

Renewable Energy

Scope 2

Indirect emissions generated during the production of energy that we purchase, which will be reduced through increasing use of renewable energy generated by sun and wind.

Solar Manufacturing

Scope 3

All indirect emissions – not already included in scope 2 – that occur in our value chain, both upstream and downstream.

Our 2030 Sustainability Goals


We are on the path to achieving our near-term sustainability goals by regularly and diligently reassessing and improving the design, production, and distribution of our products. Our goals set in 2017, fall into four pillars, each with ambitious milestones that collectively move toward reduction of our ecological footprint.


We integrate eco-innovation principles to drive further progress toward zero non-recovered waste, and evolve our products to integrate recycled or renewable materials, extend lifespans, and facilitate eventual recycling or reuse. These actions all are underpinned by a commitment toward ethical business practices for our employees, partners, and the communities within which we live and work, and bring us closer to a perpetual circular economy.

CertainTeed Products are Leading the Way to a More Sustainable Future 


With the broadest portfolio of sustainable products in North America, CertainTeed brings innovative materials and solutions to the table in nearly all applications. As a go-to partner for designing holistic projects that meet sustainable goals, we take pride in pushing further and faster for responsible stewardship of our planet.