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Understanding the role of CertainTeed Gypsum in meeting Green Building Standards.


To learn more about how CertainTeed Gypsum is sustainable, visit our web page.  www.CertainTeed.com/Sustainable

Green Facts:

  • CertainTeed Gypsum is committed to resource conservation:
    • The face and back paper used for our gypsum board consists of 100% recycled paper.
    • Synthetic gypsum, derived as a by-product of the desulphurization of flue gases at coal-fired power plants, is used at plants where sources are available.
    • The total recycled content is 99% for CertainTeed Gypsum wallboard products using synthetic gypsum.
    • Several of our other plants are incorporating approximately 20% post-consumer gypsum board construction waste into their production processes. In addition, in-plant scrap is recycled back into the process.
  • Our gypsum board, finishing compound and joint tape manufacturing locations can provide regional material coverage throughout North America.
  • Although green building rating systems do not currently address emissions for all building materials and their effects on indoor air quality, finished CertainTeed gypsum board products have very low reportable VOCs and will not affect indoor air quality.
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