To help you finish window, door and other openings more quickly and neatly, CertainTeed now offers trimboard and J-Pocket trimboard with a grooved design similar to that of the one-piece ourside corner.

The trimboard system installation consists of (A) fastening the starter flange to the wall, (B) inserting the nail hem flange into the trimboard grooves and (C) fastening the trimboard system to the wall via the nail hem).  


The Superior Benefits of Restoration Millwork®:

  • Superior quality and excellent dimensional accuracy
  • FinishedEdge™
  • Natural White - ready to install
  • Low-maintenance and long-lasting UV-resistant material
  • Can be painted to complement exterior colors
  • Cuts and mills with traditional woodworking tools
  • Fastens with nails or screws
  • Class A (Class 1) Flame Spread Classification
  • Meets ICC and CCMC Code requirements
  • Made in U.S.A.
  • Contains recycled content
  • 25-year limited warranty

See our brochure for complete product offering. 


Installation instructions for Restoration Millwork One-Piece Corner using Restoration Millwork Nail Flange inserts. With our grooved design, traditional face nailing methods can still be used on every one-piece corner style. But, for an added level of beauty, our InvisiPro™ Hidden Fastening System offers a hidden, face nail free installation option. The PVC nail hem flange is designed to secure in the grooves, eliminating the need for face nailing. Hidden attachment pints Secure tightly to wall with screws Eliminates the need to fill nail holes Corners can still be installed traditionally, without flange if desired


Warranty Details

CertainTeed stands behind our Restoration Millwork® product with a 25-year limited warranty

Sustainability Information

Sustainability for a Lifetime

CertainTeed respects the environment through the responsible development of sustainable building products and systems.  CertainTeed cellular PVC Trim gives building professionals and homeowners confidence that the homes they design, build, maintain and occupy are made with sustainable materials that enhance every projects performance and beauty.

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